The Battle for Adjunct Unionization Comes to a Halt

Tess Riski co-authored this story. Currently our system won’t allow us to display two bylines. In the northeast corner of campus stands nine stories of scaffolding that boasts a $52 million price tag. It will transform quickly into Seattle University’s newest residence hall, which will provide what many consider essential space as the university seeks […]

Track and Field Team Goes the Distance in First Meet of Season

The track and field team at Seattle University headed to University of Washington over the weekend for their first meet of the season. Energy was high as athletes from Stanford, UW,  Oregon  State,  University  of Oregon and many more gathered for the UW Indoor Preview. Seattle U attends this meet yearly, although for the first time […]

State Investigation Underway on Death of Iron Worker

At the dawn of a new year and a new quarter, Seattle University continues to promote new, expansive changes, like the opening of the new campus bookstore and Vi Hilbert Hall, the Student Residence and Enrollment Services Center under construction on 12th and Madison. On Dec. 30, 2017 amidst the hustle and bustle of construction, ironworker Raymond Estores […]

Women in Film Discuss Gender Obstacles and Strategies for Success

Early October reports of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault case were followed by the release  of many other sexual harassment and assault allegations in Hollywood, including those about Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. and over 50 others. On Jan. 10 in Seattle University’s Wyckoff Auditorium, five women working in the film industry lead a discussion targeted specifically at female film students just beginning to face the […]

Local Service and Local Music Come Together at KXSU Benefit Concert

Twinkly lights, festive snowflakes, and eager concertgoers transformed the Campion ballroom into a lively, tasteful venue for several Seattle-based artists. Taking place last Saturday, Jan. 13, KXSU’s first annual Winterfest hosted artists Bad Saint, Parisalexa, Strawberry Mountain and Versing. Partnering with local organization Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS), the event was […]

Resources for Your Next Multimedia Project

Note from the Editor: This article was co-written by Frances Divinagracia and Gillian Monty, although we are currently unable to display multiple authors’ names due to technical difficulties. Artists and creatives: are you seeking to diversify your creative expression? Are you looking collaborate with other artists and explore new mediums? Getting feedback for a variety […]

Technology and ADHD: The Nuances of the Modern Attention Span

The iPhone X came out earlier this month, marking 10 years since the release of the first iteration of Apple’s ubiquitous device. Since the beginnings of smartphones, psychologists have been interested in studying the effects of technology on sleep, attention and stress. Some psychologists are finding that technology use may be giving users symptoms that […]

New Cat Cafe is the Purr-fect Spot to Unwind

A few blocks away from Seattle University campus on Belmont and Pine, the new Neko Seattle Cat Cafe offers a place for cat-lovers of all ages to relax and interact with some furry adoptable cats. This cafe experience has been open for three weeks and adds a different mix to the coffee and happy hour […]

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