Editorial: Trendy Transport

Whether you’re walking, running, rolling or hovering, traversing campus has never seen so much variety. Although Seattle University is just about fifty acres in size, when walking around my thoughts always drift to efficiency of travel. So many factors are involved when choosing modes of transport. How fast can I get there? What route am […]

Students Keep on Falling for Fall Fashion

Trying to pin down exactly what the fall fashion trends are this coming school year is a particularly daunting task when everyone is, for lack of better term, different. Cam Peters • The Spectator A wardrobe consisting of mainly cool tones. Seasonal fashion is like philosophy class in the sense that it is what you […]

Harmony Arnold Dresses Up ‘Jacques Brel’

‘Jacques Brel’ Review It’s hard to listen to Jacques Brel’s music without being touched by the haunting solemnity floating in the lyrics—even if you don’t understand French. Brel was a hugely influential Belgian singer-songwriter who sang with a whole lot of heart, engaging each song passionately, sweat pouring down his face as he belted his […]

Put Some Spring in Your Style

1. Spring Bling This season, the bigger and bolder your jewelry, the better. With spring’s long-awaited arrival, those colorful gems you’ve kept hidden away are more than ready to come out of hibernation. Show off your cute hand game with an assortment of different sized rings, or let your necklace do the talking and make […]

Winter Fashion

Alyssa Brandt • The Spectator 1. Mountain Chic You don’t have to go all the way to Mt. Rainier to conquer this trend; just channel your outdoorsy persona. Slip on this season’s latest hiking boots, pair them with a sleek down jacket, and you’ll be climbing your way to the top of the fashion pyramid. […]

Alumnus Reflects on Oscar de la Renta

Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator Former Seattle University student Andrew Hoge. Standing at 6’5,” Seattle University alumnus Andrew Hoge makes an impression long before you hear his voice. Impeccably well-dressed, well-mannered and well-educated, he is the quintessential PR professional. Though Hoge currently works as the Assistant Manager and Communication Coordinator for Luly Yang, a Seattle-based […]

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