Sunday Market Blooms on Broadway

Fresh fruits, vegetables and other local and healthy goods can now be bought blocks away from campus—but in somewhere other than the local QFC or Safeway. The Broadway Farmer’s Market opened this past Sunday to start its ninth year in Capitol Hill. From now until late December, customers will be able to buy a fresh […]

A ‘Real Change’ in Price for Street Paper

Real Change just had a real big price change. As the social justice magazine increases the price of their issue, there is speculation that customers will be reluctant to pay the extra buck. Real Change is a newspaper that provides a voice for low-income and homeless people and addresses economic justice. This paper is sold […]

This Just In: Seattle Times Says No to Free News

This March, Seattle residents will have to start paying up to receive their news online. Last week, the Seattle Times announced that they will be launching an online subscription plan for access to the Seattle Times website. This paywall will require that patrons who do not already subscribe to the print copy pay a fee […]

Washington’s Poorest Feel Taxes’ Toll

Washington state is about as blue as you can get. Last November, Washington voters approved same sex marriage and recreational marijuana use, and Washington residents have voted for the Democratic nominee in every presidential election since 1988. It’s easy to see why a recent Gallup Poll listed Washington as one of the top 10 liberal […]

Teachers Face Suspension for M.A.P. Protest

Sentiments toward the Measures of Academy Progress (MAP) have been made very clear: the Garfield High School teachers do not like it. In January, Garfield High School teachers voted unanimously to refuse administering the standardized test to their students, saying that it is a waste of time and money. They argue the test fails to […]

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