Students Say ‘Shell No!’ To Oil Drill

Hundreds of environmental activists gathered early Saturday morning in life vests and kayaks to protest Royal dutch Shell in Seattle’s Elliott Bay. The group of activists gathered to voice their disapproval of Shell’s plans to resume oil exploration in the Arctic and keep two of its drilling rigs stored in Seattle’s port. The activists demonstrated […]

Faculty Give Divestment Petition An Edge

UPDATE: The Academic Assembly has authorized the divestment committee to release the faculty’s open letter. Click here to read the full text. More and more universities are joining the list of schools divesting from fossil fuels. While Seattle University has yet to join in, on April 22, faculty released an open letter to the school […]

Summit Stresses Environmental Justice

One hundred and twenty years ago Pope Leo XIII released an open letter addressing worker conditions that would forever shift the mission of the Catholic Church. This last Tuesday, Pope Francis shifted the Church once again, this time towards environmental justice. The Pope has spoke on not only the human impacts on climate change, but […]

CEJS Talks Trash With Annual Eco-Challenge

Do you have what it takes to save the environment? At Seattle University, environmental sustainability is a focus in almost everything the university does. The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability has put together a four week program called the Eco-Challenge to help students, faculty and staff learn more about how their choices can impact […]

Woodland Park Says Adieu to Elephants

It’s about time we address the elephant in the room before it leaves. The last of the elephants at the Woodland Park Zoo are making their departure. The two remaining elephants are Chai, 35, and Bamboo, 47, who surely deserve a retirement at their age. The animals are being sent to an Oklahoma City zoo, […]

Preservation Bill Meets Backlash

The fight for environmental protection of land has gone cold for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Republican lawmakers in Alaska are resisting President Obama’s push for preservation of most of the wilderness. The refuge in question is only a small part of Alaska. But for oil companies and politicians that are itching to exploit the […]

Coffee Trail

On Nov. 24, Seattle University became the first Pacific Northwest school to become a fair trade university, joining 25 others across the country that pledge to support fair pay and wages for international farmers by offering their products on campus. But the journey there began more than ten years ago—and not everyone agrees that the […]

Campus Climate Survey

Assessing the campus climate at Seattle University is a tough job, but the Task Force for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence has designed a survey for students, faculty and staff to take online beginning Jan. 20. The survey will give everyone on campus the chance to call attention to racial, sexual or other social issues they […]

Papal Encyclical

During his first two years as head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has been causing a stir by bringing more progressive views to the table. As Francis prepares to release an encyclical this coming year, he is bringing focus to an issue that is at the forefront of many political discussions: climate change. Encyclicals […]

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