University Alters Food Policy After Hearing Concerns

Seattle University administrators responsible for the changes in food policy announced major alteration on Thursday, essentially reversing their decision made last month. NICK TURNER • THE SPECTATOR Members of various student clubs gathered at the meeting on Thursday. Prior to Thursday, changes to the policy pertaining to food served at legacy events suggested that students would […]

The Good, the Bad, the Compostable

School cafeterias feed thousands of students everyday; Seattle University’s Cherry Street Market is no different. Students hurry in to join the pasta line, check the entrée in the global section or build themselves a salad. Many move swiftly as they think about their next class or talk with a friend.  However, as peak lunch hours […]

C-Street Scores Poorly on Health Inspection

Carrying a heavy backpack, coffee in hand and minds on upcoming midterms, many students find themselves rushing through Cherry Street Market for a quick meal. However, they aren’t the only ones worrying about their grades right now. C-Street, the university cafeteria that provides most underclassmen a majority of their meals, had their second health inspection […]

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