British Blossoms Play on American Soil

Tom Ogden looked up from his guitar between songs. “This is the most intimate show we’ve done in a long time,” the singer said coyly to the crowd of roughly 40 people. ELISE WANG • THE SPECTATOR England’s rising band, Blossoms, performs at the Vera Project during their first stop in the U.S. “Intimate” is certainly […]

Nikkita Oliver and SU Students Take Part in Poetry Slam

“The youth right now are what?” The audience yells back, “The truth right now!” Young people are leading the fight for social justice in Seattle. Their medium? Spoken word. J. DOMINGO • THE SPECTATOR SU Sophomore, Ivy Jong, performed at the 2017 Youth Speaks Grand Slam. Youth Speaks Seattle 2017 Grand Slam sold out Town […]

Charity Pillow Fight Combats Homelessness in Seattle

The sight of the fourth annual Seattle pillow fight hosted in Cal Anderson Park on Saturday would have shocked any average passerby. Feathers were flying, children were screaming joyously and a massive group of people ruthlessly attacked each other with pillows. MICHAEL LEE • THE SPECTATOR International Pillow Fight Day is a day celebrated worldwide […]

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