SAM Remix Blends New and Old Favorites

On Friday, Nov. 18 the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) hosted their seasonal event, SAM Remix, in which the museum shed new light on established exhibits and brought out new ones exclusive to the event. The main lobby was transformed into a dance floor with various live performances throughout the night, as well as disc jockeys […]

Seattle Asian Art Museum to Close for Renovations

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) held a press conference on Sept. 30 presenting the initial designs for a two-year expansion project of the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM). The SAM is partnering with fellow Seattle-based architecture company LMN Architects to complete the first remodel of the structure since it was constructed in 1933. The renovation […]

New C-Street Murals Celebrate Indigenous People

Seattle University students have returned to a notably remodeled Student Center outfitted with new equipment and redesigned spaces. Even more noteworthy, however, are the murals on the second floor just outside of Cherry Street Market. KYLE KOTANI • THE SPECTATOR The seating area for Cherry Street Market now features several murals depicting several important historical […]

Robots Building Robots: An Exhibit That Runs Itself

Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery came alive last Thursday in a cryptic blend of audio loops, seemingly random images collected on Google Street View and the constant movements of a 3D printer. These and other elements make up the gallery’s new exhibit, Robots Building Robots, which conveys the realities of the digital age through the works […]

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