Balls Out: Taking Sports Down a Notch

Recently in the realm of sports there has been quite the heavy subject matter. Racism, exploitation of athletes, etc. So, for this week, I decided to take the time to lighten sports up a little bit. We need a break from wondering if Cano was really worth it for the Mariners and if Seattle will […]

Balls Out: Honor the Victims

I would like to take this week’s column to remember and defend those lost in what is being called the deadliest day on Mount Everest to date. To bring readers up to speed, 13 Nepalese sherpas were killed in a devastating avalanche on Everest this past week with three still missing and several others seriously […]

Balls Out: Kacie Sowell Profile

Kacie Sowell was not Head Basketball Coach Bonvicini’s (Coach B) choice athlete in the tournament Coach B attended Kacie’s senior year of high school. Coach B instead went to watch another player and was informed that there was a post (Sowell) who had not yet been picked up by a team. It was at this […]

Balls Out: Top 3 Athlete Cameos in Film

I am sitting here watching the Oscars next to a couple of girls who have some fairly extensive critiques of the various dresses—cuts, ruffles, no ruffles, etc. As I observe this cultural phenomenon (social media polls pop up on the screen every couple of minutes displaying dress ratings), I decided that it is not fair […]

Balls Out: Rampant Corruption in USATF

Under the shadow of the 2014 Olympics, track fans everywhere (when I say this I mean the truly nerdy runners) congregated around their computers and televisions to watch the USA Track and Field (USATF) national indoor track and field championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The men’s 3000 meter run was a highly contested event for […]

Balls Out: 2014 Winter Olympics Schedule

Even though the Olympics are in East-Jesus-nowhere and a lot of us on-campus might not have TV’s to access them—disregarding the 4 inch by 4 inch flat screens in the lounges—they are occurring. Here is a schedule of the events going down this week in case you manage to stop studying to take a look. […]

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