The 10 Beers You Drink in College

As my time as a college student comes to an end, I have been reflecting upon all of my experiences the past four years and the things that I have learned. This ranges from lessons in the classroom, to learning how to support yourself in the world as an adult. But, after countless nights in […]

Valuing Diversity

They say a picture paints a thousand words—this is only 500. I ask you to read on with an open mind and an empathetic lens; also, to email me because I always appreciate a good discussion. To some extent, we are all probably aware that one is defined both by their experiences and by how […]

Why We Shouldn’t Criticize Obama’s Speech Fee

Former President Barack Obama just agreed to give a not-so-free speech and people aren’t too happy about it, some going as far to label him a hypocrite. Obama spent his eight years in office championing the problems of the poor and advocating for the middle class. During a speech just last Monday, he spoke to […]

Free the Nipple This Summer

For years we have fought this battle. With the emergence of the sun and change of season, I call on the women of Seattle to join me on the frontlines against our greatest nemesis: boob sweat. For those who don’t understand, let me describe it with imagery. It’s like a continuous stream similar to that […]

Dear PlayDay,

Once a year, the streets of Capitol Hill are flooded with drunk youngsters, wearing rainbow T-shirts and partying the whole day long. Unfortunately, I’m not writing today about Seattle Pride. The event I’m referring to is the (in)famous PlayDay. Before we go any further, I should offer a quick disclaimer and admit to some personal […]

Melting the Seattle Freeze

I’ve heard time and again that Seattle is a cold place, that the people here are mean; that we’re sarcastic, passive-aggressive and no fun to be around. While this may be true in some cases—I mean, every city has its fair share of introverts and assholes—the years I’ve spent living here have led me to […]

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