Letter to the Editor: In Response to Recent Campus Movements

Inspired by the courage of recent campus movements, I would like to bring attention to the specific issue of sexual misconduct on campus. Students and faculty have raised concern with current implementation and communication of policy. OnFebruary 1, faculty of the Sociology, Social, Anthropology, and Gender Studies departments at SU wrote a “Dear Colleagues” letter […]

Letter to the Editor From Dean Kelly

I am grateful that MRC coalition students brought forward their concerns in such a way that we can now work together on solutions. I regret deeply that any student feels pain as a result of their experience at Seattle University and particularly within the Matteo Ricci College. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of […]

Old School Frozen Custard is Sadly, Old News

Old School Frozen Custard, which I referred to lovingly as just, “Custard,” was the shining frozen treat eatery on a (Capitol) Hill. It stood strong amid the increasing appearance of gimmicky ginger beer bars, niche bike cafes and pricey American diners, which—while I unabashedly adore many of these dining options—all leave a bad taste in […]

Letter To The Editor

Dear Spectator Staff, While I appreciate your mentioning that Seattle University has passed a fair trade resolution in the Dec. 3 Spectator issue, it is just that, a resolution. That resolution entails a list of requirements that SU has completed. If you read the resolution you’ll find that Seattle U must have a minimum of […]

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