Stop Sexualizing Breast Cancer Awareness

With October comes the changing leaves, the sweet scent of pumpkin spice everything and the all too familiar pink ribbon. Breast Cancer Awareness month is difficult to miss; major sports teams represent their support by wearing pink armbands, companies use the color as an advertising technique, and you are bound to see at least one […]

So Long, But Not Farewell

To my faithful minions, As this year comes to a close, I must share a truth that can no longer stay secret. I, Shelby (none of your damn business) Barnes, am writing as your A&E Editor for the last time. This, though as tragic as it may be, is something we must push through. If […]

No Parents, No Problem

Have you tired from seeing those mother’s day posts? Do you find yourself rolling your eyes at every father’s day BBQ ad? Well keep those eyes still and relax, because this is the post for you. For the one’s that don’t yet understand, let me break it down. Not all have the two for one […]

Tips for Next Year’s Playday

Hey there, Redhawks. Playday Guru here. It’s spring quarter and you know what that means: Kirkland Lite Signature Beer. Saturday, hundreds of you gathered in students’ backyards for some fun in the sun. Don’t worry, this is one playdate mom won’t know about. As Playday Guru, it’s my job to see all. Below you will […]

Why Not to Participate

For the Participation That is 20 percent of My Grade, I’m done with you. For years, I have tolerated your existence. For years, I have let the distasteful requirement that you are impact my academic experience. Hell, I’ve stood idly by and watched as you’ve taken my grade from a solid 95,  and shoot it […]

Shooting the Messenger

Students circled like vultures as Michele Murray spoke last week about changes in the demonstration policy in the student code of conduct (see page 5). The meeting, which lasted two hours on Wednesday night, descended into uneasiness as Murray fielded questions from some of our most outspoken students on the policing of black and brown […]

In Defense of the Offensive

Voltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Of late, it seems that the way one expresses themselves online must follow increasingly restrictive guidelines. Certainly it has always been more acceptable to maintain good etiquette whilst posting content, but ideas that are deemed […]

Thinx: Letting Women Bleed Proud

Calling all my female bleeders. Are you sick of tampons and pads? Have you tired of needing to create a dam for your red river every month? If the answer is yes, then your time to flow free has come. Thinx, an up and coming business, has created a revolutionary period underwear that allows women […]

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