Becoming the Enemy

Let me backtrack a little. It’s been two months since Thanksgiving when my family got into a spat over the presidential election. My parents, siblings and I nibbled on turkey as my uncle’s family—a trio of white collar, east-coast types— argued why there was no way Donald Trump could win. When they tried to imagine, […]

New Year, New Me?

Welcome to 2017! Like most who enter the New Year, it is common to create goals that one aspires to achieve . Whether it be by creating a note on your phone or tapping a perfectly outlined ‘New Year New Me’ list on your fridge, this trend of starting anew is shared by many. If […]

Call Your Congressman

Last week, a series of chaotic events in the House of Representatives ultimately served as a powerful lesson for the American people. House Republicans were stopped from crippling the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), the only independent source of congressional ethics review, by their outraged constituents. As congressional decisions become increasingly questionable, we must keep […]

A Word From a Millenial

It’s Generation X vs. the Millenials. The dinosaurs vs. the robots. Running into battle with cell phones and pagers in hand, our words are our weapons, the social media our battlefield. As millenials pull up their twitters and fire away hashtags, generation X busies themselves with wondering where the slide out keyboard is on their […]

Op-Ed: In Response To “Home Sweet Home”

Dear Spectator staff, You missed several important elements in your exposé of SU’s purchase of the Jesuit Beaver Lake property: When you continually said home, you should have said property (as you rather luxuriously articulate at the beginning—which make the article sound like an exposé); the property is more significant than just the house. You […]

National Men’s Day?

This coming Saturday, Nov. 19, more than half of the world’s countries will celebrate men. Some will throw parties, others have even given males the day off from work in recognition of something known as International Men’s Day. The overwhelming sentiment these days—to the extent of my experience—is an emphasis on women and their endless […]

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