Op-Ed: Who Will Answer to Standing Rock?

Last week the Army Corps of Engineers issued the final easement for Energy Transfer Partners to dig the remaining portion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This final stretch will be laid horizontally under Lake Oahe half a mile upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. The Army Corps decision came at the behest of President […]

Op-Ed: Student Health Services Needs Patching Up

There are many times that I’ve had serious doubts about how well Seattle University spends its money (which is, in no small part, our money as students) but no instance of incredulity compares to this past Thursday afternoon. I stood and watched the logo of our university literally burn to the ground as a part […]

A Threat to Humankind

My fellow students; we are faced with a difficult time. A global epidemic is upon us and no country is beyond its reach. On January 31, the United Nations declared a worldwide state of emergency due to a dramatic increase in the number of reported cases of the terminal illness being called “adulthood.” Countless cases […]

When Sports Meets Politics

This week, leading up to the Super Bowl, there is a cavalcade of media that has descended on Houston, Texas. The media days for the Super Bowl, earlier in the week, are usually a festive occasion. There are all sorts of entertainment going on, fans dress up in wacky outfits, and players get asked fun […]

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