I Was Protested

I was at Uncle Ike’s last Wednesday, April 20. As protestors surrounded the building, hands clasped and voices loud, I wasn’t among them. I was behind metal fences and security guards and layers of privilege so thick that they almost muffled the defiant cries for justice —almost. This was my first time being on the […]

Bey Gets Personal

For most musicians, it would be pompous—and probably impossible—to convince HBO executives to make their service free for a single day and debut an hour-long “visual album.” For Beyoncé, it’s entirely fitting. And as if the dramatic release of “Lemonade” wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, the lyrical content of the album is equally surprising. Beyoncé reveals in […]

Celebrating a Bleeding Earth

All across the nation this Friday, teachers and yuppie parents will take children out to plant a tree, or spend 45 minutes cleaning a beach, or bring a sack of cans to their local recycling center for Earth Day. Then, the next day, they’ll wake up and resume their role as an ignorant yet active […]

Why I am Boycotting Ghost in the Shell

To say Ghost in the Shell is a cornerstone of Japanese media—and perhaps all modern science fiction and anime—is no overstatement; since it first began as a manga in the ‘80s, it has spurred film and anime adaptations, is the inspiration behind many modern animes and films, including The Matrix, and is still widely praised […]

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