SOS: Sustain Our Seafood

Many of our ocean’s fish species are becoming threatened by commercial overfishing. As consumers, we run the risk of accidentally eating an endangered shrimp in our shrimp cocktails, or a nigh-extinct species of tuna on our tuna nigiri at that one fancy sushi restaurant. However, it is not just restaurant menus that we have to […]

Just ‘Bout That Action

Marshawn Lynch took to Twitter and officially announced his retirement in a way that only he could. Always a man of few words, especially when it came to the media, Lynch simply shared a photo of his neon-green cleats hanging from some power lines, leaving a peace sign in the caption. Many speculated that this […]

Will New Hampshire Feel the Bern

Sen. Bernie Sanders saw incredible success in the kickoff to the presidential campaign at the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, virtually tying with Hillary Clinton. Even though he has had youth support throughout his campaign, some may be surprised by Sanders’ success. Just a few months ago Sanders was not considered a frontrunner and young people […]

Barbie’s New Bod

Last week, one of the world’s most iconic dolls embraced a long overdue change: Mattel Inc. began online marketing for Barbies that break away from the previously used uniform female body model. Moving forward, “Barbie” will introduce three new body types into their line of dolls, with differentiating skin tones and eye colors. Well it’s […]

Asking for a Friend

Carlos is the better Uncle you never had. Q: What happens when you use up all your sick days on “sick” days then you actually get sick? A: I would refrain from doing this, only because if it were me, I would forget how many “sick” days I use for certain classes. If you are […]

Why Star Wars VII is Awesome

I know I’m a little late to this party, but “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” is an awesome movie. I have held off going on a public rant about the significance the film holds, not just for the storied franchise, but for the film industry in general, until my feelings have been digested enough to […]

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