Editorial: An American Problem

In the United States, guns symbolize autonomy and individuality. That is, the importance of guns to American culture is due in large part to the feeling of freedom and empowerment they bring. But symbols are worth less than lives. Americans need to ask if a right to bear arms is worth the price we pay. […]

Editorial: A Mother’s Message

As a mother fearlessly stood on stage, walking us through the murder of her 17-year-old son, she asked the audience, “How did we become such a violent society?” Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, asked us, as a mother would ask her child, why we had become so cruel. As I sat there, among Caucasians, […]

Editorial: Passing the Torch

My first day back on campus I was stopped dead in my tracks by a massive white tent spread from end to end of the championship field. After being here for three years I’ve gotten used to seeing changes. And yet, as I arrived onto campus this fall I turned and faced a massive statue […]

Editorial: Trendy Transport

Whether you’re walking, running, rolling or hovering, traversing campus has never seen so much variety. Although Seattle University is just about fifty acres in size, when walking around my thoughts always drift to efficiency of travel. So many factors are involved when choosing modes of transport. How fast can I get there? What route am […]

Guest op-ed: Merger Pause only the Start

Michele Murray on behalf of the Division of Student Development stated, “We are pausing the conversation about merging OMA and ISC,” in an email sent last Friday, May 29. You may have seen the marches, attended a town hall or two, or even been genuinely a part of the conversation and efforts concerning the merger […]

First Small Victory In One Big Battle

After several months of unrest, students and staff against the OMA and ISC merger won a small victory. Michele Murray sent out an email early this week announcing the delay of the merger, stating that it would be paused until further student input was received in the fall. As a student that utilizes OMA’s services […]

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