Guest op-ed: Merger Pause only the Start

Michele Murray on behalf of the Division of Student Development stated, “We are pausing the conversation about merging OMA and ISC,” in an email sent last Friday, May 29. You may have seen the marches, attended a town hall or two, or even been genuinely a part of the conversation and efforts concerning the merger […]

First Small Victory In One Big Battle

After several months of unrest, students and staff against the OMA and ISC merger won a small victory. Michele Murray sent out an email early this week announcing the delay of the merger, stating that it would be paused until further student input was received in the fall. As a student that utilizes OMA’s services […]

An Ode To Graduating (Spec)tator Tots

To the graduating Spectator staff: You have been with me through it all. You guided me when I was a volunteer writer with a healthy fear of the editors I would soon call my friends. As a staff writer you encouraged me to pursue the stories that piqued my curiosity—and sometimes rage. You trusted me […]

Yes, My Hair Is Purple. Get Over It.

Have you ever asked a woman why she cut her hair short or why she dyed it a particular color? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then as a woman with indigo hair, I implore you—please stop. When I am asked why I dyed my hair this bold hue, people often seem disappointed when I respond […]

2015 BAHL Cohort A Great Start

The students in the 2015 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities for Leadership cohort were some of the first people I met at Seattle University. Matteo Ricci College freshmen arrive on campus a few days early, and students from all three MRC programs—humanities, humanities for leadership, and humanities for teaching—are encouraged to spend time getting to […]

Open Letter To Shell No Haters

Yes, I saw the sHell No meme while scrolling through Facebook. For those who need a little catching up, there is a meme floating around the world wide web poking fun at the ‘kayaktivists’ who rowed out into Elliot Bay to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling. It read: “Irony is watching Seattle enviros protest oil… in […]

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