Should Football be a Big Hit?

In the moments before halftime during Sunday’s Seahawks-Cowboys game, Seattle wide receiver Ricardo Lockette was involved in a massive collision during a Seattle punt that rendered him unconscious and immobile on the field for several minutes. I remember watching the game and checking my Twitter feed while Lockett was tended to by the Seahawks’ medical […]

Gum Control

First stop on any tour guide’s list is Pike Place Market, a location that cannot be missed on any in-depth and personal tour of the Emerald City. The smell of fish in the air, fresh slices of food being passed around and the hand made crafts, are unmistakable. Pikes is a perfect entry into Seattle […]

Be a Part of Something, Vote

This city is changing. If you’ve been living under a rock or in the cave you probably haven’t noticed the massive, gaudy, blue and yellow shingled, overpriced condos springing up on the hill. You probably haven’t seen the reports profiling by Seattle police, or members of the LGBTQ community brutally attacked blocks from their own […]

Home Field Advantage Age an Unfair System

I want to talk about home field advantage for the World Series. Under its current format, home field is determined by the winner of the All Star game, typically played in mid July. Why? It doesn’t make sense. Why not award home field to the team with the best record, like every other professional sports […]

Privilege Precedes Privilege

Inequality is pervasive in every aspect of our society. From housing to food access, public facilities to police brutality, job opportunity to everything in between, we must always be mindful of the incredible injustices that seep into every aspect of our country. It is easy to forget, especially as students, that this continues into our […]

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