Washington IDs Not Valid For Travel in 2016

With 2016 quickly approaching, Washington residents should prepare for the changes that the New Year has in store. As mandated by the federal government, all airports and some federal agencies within Washington State will require residents to show either an enhanced driver’s license or a passport in order to gain access into federal institutions this […]

First Step In Ending Youth Incarceration

The words “Never lose hope,” written on a mural next to the King County Juvenile Detention Center, resonate now more than ever as members of the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to pass Resolution Zero Use of Detention for Juveniles. This resolution, written by community members, marks the possibility of ending of youth incarceration in […]

Executive Immigration Order Affects WA, SU

We often think of immigration reform as something that only affects states along the southern border. Yet, undocumented immigrants play a role in many communities in Washington State, including Seattle University. Earlier this year the Justice Department urged a federal appeals court hearing to reverse a hold that a Texas judge placed on President Obama’s […]

Flu Could Worsen College Workload

This year, Washington state endured its most deadly flu season in the past five years. There were 120 confirmed deaths in the state caused by the flu—26 of which were in King County—but the total number is expected to be much higher since not every case is reported. Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator Sometimes all […]

Panel Tackles Racial Bias in Drug Arrests

Seattle has a reputation for being sensitive about social justice issues. However, that reputation is quite far off. “Seattle was the second most extreme midsized U.S. city in racial disparity in drug arrests,” said Lisa Dauggard, referring to Seattle’s comparative ranking in biased law enforcement prior to 2007. Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator Mark Cook […]

Tacoma Homeless Dome

As homelessness spreads across the country, more individuals are spending their nights in cars or under bridges. Many people feel as if they are bystanders to the complicated matter of homelessness and that its solutions seem far off. However, for the staggering number of homeless youth that exist in Seattle, there are organizations that work […]

School Shooting Strikes Marysville, WA

Tragedy struck Marysville on the morning of Oct. 24 when four people died and two others were injured by gunshots at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Student Zoe Galasso, 14, died at the scene, and students Gia Soriano and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, both 14, died from their wounds at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett. Andrew Fryberg, 15, […]

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