Governor Inslee Discusses Leadership in Trump Era

Approaching President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, Governor Jay Inslee stopped by Seattle University Wednesday night to talk about current events and the future of public service in the Trump era. Everyone from climate change activists to concerned Seattle citizens gathered in Pigott Auditorium to open conversations about the current political climate. NICK TURNER […]

As Film Incentive Grows, So Does the Washington Community

As Seattle University film students surge toward graduation, the local landscape they are entering is more conducive than ever to practicing their crafts and contributing to a larger film culture. MANDY RUSCH • THE SPECTATOR The Washington State Production Incentive program is up for another vote in Olympia, and hopes to support that mission with statewide […]

Washington Attorney General Challenges Immigration Ban

The state of Washington has been at the forefront of activism and legislative activity ever since President Donald Trump’s inauguration by standing against the president’s directives despite federal pressures. PHOTO VIA JOE MABEL The current Attorney General of Washington, Bob Ferguson. The City of Seattle chose to remain a sanctuary city even at the cost […]

Salmon Give New Life to Elwha River

Often we think nature is weak, that the damage we’ve caused is irreversible, but scientists are optimistic after salmon were spotted over the summer making their way upstream in the Elwha River, which began its recovery five years ago when two dams blocking its waters were demolished and the 45-mile-long river was set loose across […]

State Initiative Aims to Get Big Money Out of Local Politics

This November, Washington voters will be voting on Initiative 1464, a statewide measure that would establish a publicly funded campaign finance system. CECI ESTELA • THE SPECTATOR If it’s passed, Washington state residents will receive three $50 vouchers to direct towards eligible state campaigns. To fund this, Initiative 1464 will repeal the sales tax exemption […]

Nation’s First Carbon Tax on Washington Ballot

No state in this country has a tax on carbon emissions. That might change in November if Washington state voters approve Initiative 732, a ballot measure that would establish a carbon emission tax on certain fossil fuels, reduce the state sales tax by one percentage point, increase a low-income exemption and reduce certain manufacturing taxes. […]

Break Free: Student Protesters in Anacortes

NICK TURNER • the spectator Seattle U students waited with their arms locked together, waiting for state troopers to make the next move. Friday, May 13 We rushed onto the train tracks under the light of the evening sun, the wind blowing our hair sideways as we skipped from one crossbeam to the next. After […]

Washington IDs Not Valid For Travel in 2016

With 2016 quickly approaching, Washington residents should prepare for the changes that the New Year has in store. As mandated by the federal government, all airports and some federal agencies within Washington State will require residents to show either an enhanced driver’s license or a passport in order to gain access into federal institutions this […]

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