The Week in Review

Death of Police Lt. a suicide, not homicide– While first believed to be a homicide, the death of Fox Lake, Illinois Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was announced as a suicide on Nov. 4. Gliniewicz died on Sept. 1 after requesting backup, alleging that he was following a group of three suspicious men. When officers arrived […]

Earthquake Hits Pakistan, Afghanistan and India

“The first earthquake in the morning was scary—terrifying. I was still in bed and my whole bed was shaking,” said Seattle University graduate student Kashaf Saleen, recounting her experience with the harrowing 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. The geographically tumultuous region, which includes Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of India, is especially susceptible to devastation. This became […]

The Week in Review

Ancient Tomb Identified in Greece A tomb discovered by archaeologists in Pylos, Greece earlier this year was identified on Oct. 26 as the burial site of a Bronze Age warrior. This discovery offers further insight into the lives of ancient Greeks and is being hailed as the biggest archaeological find in the past 65 years. […]

The Week in Review

Four Dead in Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade Tragedy— Adacia Chamber, a 25-year-old Stillwater resident, was arrested on a DUI charge Saturday morning after crashing into a crowd of onlookers at the Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade in Stillwater, Okla. Four people were killed and more than three-dozen people were injured. According to CBS News, […]

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Continues

It’s a picturesque day in southern Turkey; the sun shines down on a white beach as waves gently brush the shoreline. Lying on the sand is a figure, a small boy, who appears to be wearing blue shorts, a red t-shirt and a pair of brown strap on shoes. The boy is face down on […]

Bill Proposes Affordable Textbooks For All

The idea of having to pay less—or nothing at all—for textbooks is one that would excite just about any college student, especially those with textbook-heavy majors. A new bill, titled the Affordable College Textbook Act, was introduced in the United States Senate on Oct. 8 in hopes of combating the increasing prices of textbooks and […]

The Week in Review

Playboy to no longer show nuditY– On Monday, Oct. 12 Playboy Magazine announced that it will no longer publish fully nude photos. This is the first time in the history of Playboy, which Hugh Hefner founded in 1953, that no nudity will be shown in its magazine. Many see the move as ironic—Playboy was the […]

The Week in Review

MASSIVE FEDERAL PRISON RELEASE— Beginning Oct. 30, the U.S. Department of Justice will release 6,000 prisoners from federal prisons across the country. This is one of the largest releases in American history. The effects of mandatory minimums are longstanding and supersede this release, but many believe that this is just the beginning. The introduction of […]

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