Zika Virus and Its Concerning Media Portrayal

The Zika virus—which has quickly spread around the globe since late last year—became a local issue when Washington’s first case was diagnosed on Feb. 22. But with media coverage of the disease ranging from relaxed warnings to panic-induced reports, it can be difficult to discern whether the virus is a real cause for concern. Most […]

Gravitational Fields MAking Waves on Earth and Physics

Each year, astronomers gaze up at the sky and uncover new things about our universe—and occasionally they find something big, like last week’s groundbreaking recording of gravitational waves. Most of the findings don’t always have a huge impact back here on Earth. Some—like the recent sighting of a supermassive black hole that is 21 billion […]

Hat Company Warms Melon and Hearts

Love Your Melon, a hat company based out of Minnesota, brings a charitable twist to the hat industry: it donates 50 percent of profits to children battling cancer. The organization is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the country and boasts fashionable and American made beanies and caps, as well as mugs and tees. Currently, the products […]

New York City Makes Lunar New Year a School Holiday

This year, for the first time ever, New York City’s public schools gave students a day off for Lunar New Year. This is a landmark achievement for Asians in New York City, where in previous years students had to choose between attending school and celebrating a holiday important to their identities. In 2013, one Lower […]

What’s the Commotion About Caucuses?

The results of the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary are in, and the race to determine presidential nominees is off to an exciting start. Unfortunately, Washington voters have to wait until the last leg of the race to participate. At this stage of the presidential election, each state’s Democratic and Republican parties are […]

The Week in Review

In Memoriam of William Guppy— Seattle University student William Guppy passed away on Tuesday, Jan. 26 from complications related to an illness. Guppy was a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences and a University Honors student. His father is a Seattle U alumnus and his grandfather served Seattle U as Academic Vice President […]

Students Head to Olympia for MLK Day of Action

Celebrating the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.’s commitment to advocacy, the Seattle University Center for Community Engagement took students, faculty and staff to Poverty Action Network’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Action in Olympia on Monday. Participants rode to the Washington State Capitol in Olympia and met with community organizers and state legislative […]

The Week In Review

1.6 BILLION POWERBALL WINNING NUMBERS ANNOUNCED— The winning numbers for the largest jackpot in North American history were revealed on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The first drawing for the historic Powerball was held on Nov. 7. There was no winning ticket. Drawings continued every few days after the original, with none yielding winners. As time went […]

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