We’ve Got a Lot to Say About Valentine’s Day

SUCK IT UP, SINGLES Kellie Cox A&E Editor Valentine’s Day brings out the worst in single people. Every single year, jaded singletons bitch about Feb. 14 as if they didn’t see it coming. We’ve heard it all: “It’s just a stupid Hallmark holiday,” “Self-respecting women don’t support celebrations of misogyny,” “He bought you a teddy […]

Development Boom Changing the Face of Capitol Hill

Sitting in a Capitol Hill alehouse you have just finished reading the latest release of “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. You take a sip from your beer to check your surroundings—men in their tailored, charcoal gray suits stand near the dark-wood booths, holding their glasses of gin as they talk something about the […]

Gluten Intolerance: Take it with a Grain…

Think about your diet. The average college student probably eats primarily cereal, bread and pasta. A constant carbo load. Yet, if you are one of the approximate 15 percent of the country’s population who claims to have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, these staple foods, along with many others, can no longer be a part […]

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