‘Disgraced’ compels SU students to step up and do more

The Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Disgraced” is traveling the country and growing in popularity. People are taking their seats expecting a modern set, crisp stage lighting and strong acting. However, as the plot unravels the hard-hitting concepts of personal identity, outer prejudice and faith are taking many audiences by surprise. “The opportunity to take this […]

Tension, Triggers and Trauma in Female Transport

The moment I entered the Lee Center for the Arts last Friday, I knew I wouldn’t be laughing. This year’s fall production, “Female Transport,” is not easy to watch, but it is important. It’s also emotionally taxing and potentially triggering, given the inclusion of scenes depicting gender-based violence and suicide—and because it is all packed […]

SU Theatre Invites You to a Spring ‘Picnic’

Through a snapshot of 1950s Midwest America, we can see ourselves: our insecurities, our desires, our confusions and our frustrations with societal expectations. A play that features all of this and more, William Inge’s “Picnic” is a moment from the past that connects to both our present and our future. This weekend, the Seattle University […]

Harmony Arnold Dresses Up ‘Jacques Brel’

‘Jacques Brel’ Review It’s hard to listen to Jacques Brel’s music without being touched by the haunting solemnity floating in the lyrics—even if you don’t understand French. Brel was a hugely influential Belgian singer-songwriter who sang with a whole lot of heart, engaging each song passionately, sweat pouring down his face as he belted his […]

Our Titillating Interview With Mama Tits

Mama Tits is a towering Seattle icon and drag queen extraordinaire who needs no introduction. Last year she made headlines at our city’s Pride Parade when she shut down anti-gay protesters and protected her community from bigotry. But that’s not all Mama’s known for—she’s also a fiercely fabulous performer, event hostess, comedian, and (unlicensed) life […]

You Say Vagina, I Say Vagina

You stop to chat with a friend on the lower mall. Common conversation topics might include class, the weather, C-street and unreliable printers. Things you’re probably not talking about? Vaginas. It’s not as though they’re not thought about. They’re around, they’re here to stay, but they carry enough stigma that few are comfortable talking about […]

SU Directors Spotlight The Frustrations And Revelations Of The Creative Process

Inspiration. An idea. Passion. The drive to put it down on paper. Frustration, revision and more frustration. Then, all of a sudden, that original idea has morphed into something likeable, something good, something completely off from the beginning. Sound familiar? It should to anyone that has taken on the process of writing. Three student-directed one […]

D1 Improv Team’s Big Homecoming Plans

Seattle University’s D1 Improv Team may be used to coming up with quick-witted jokes on the spot, but this weekend they’ve got some pretty big plans. They’ll be kicking off Seattle U’s homecoming weekend by putting on a show in collaboration with SGSU. “The cool thing about this show is that we have a lot […]

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