Bringing 17th Century Salem to a Modern Audience

For many high school and college students across the United States, a mention of “The Crucible”—a theatrical adaptation of the Salem Witch Trial—brings back memories of English classes filled with 1600s-era costumes and a three-hour-long play that never seemed to end. TAYLOR GUY • THE SPECTATOR I had never read Arthur Miller’s 1953 play. All I […]

Struggle Drives “Women of Troy” Forward

Three words can be found on the front steps of the Fine Arts Building on the Seattle University campus: TROY IS BURNING. “Women of Troy” is an alternate title for the “The Trojan Woman,” a play written by the Greek playwright Eurypides. “Women of Troy” is interesting because it deals with the female characters from […]

Relationships Soar to New Heights in “Love & Gravity”

Acrobats have long been associated with extravagant outfits, over the top stage designs and silly comedy. Seattle based contemporary circus arts company Acrobatic Conundrum’s “Love & Gravity” challenges that association with a story centered on real people, honest dialogue, diverse talents and love. This off-beat theme makes the performance relatable and raw. My only criticism […]

New Winter Play Marks Growth of Theatre Department

The stage is set, the lighting is in position, and the actors all bustle backstage preparing for the show. Everything is fine-tuned for the night in which the curtain will rise and laughter will ensue. Actors have remembered their lines and costumes have been fitted. After hours upon hours of preparation, nothing has been overlooked—well, […]

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