Comadre Panaderia: A ‘Sweet’ Cause

There’s no need to feel guilty for eating delicious sweets for breakfast, especially if it’s for a good cause. For the past two Sundays, Amandine Bakeshop has hosted the Comadre Panaderia pop-up, which is donating all proceeds to victims of natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Mexico City and Oaxaca, Mexico. Head pastry chef Mariela Camacho, […]

Bringing 17th Century Salem to a Modern Audience

For many high school and college students across the United States, a mention of “The Crucible”—a theatrical adaptation of the Salem Witch Trial—brings back memories of English classes filled with 1600s-era costumes and a three-hour-long play that never seemed to end. TAYLOR GUY • THE SPECTATOR I had never read Arthur Miller’s 1953 play. All I […]

Seattle Art Museum Remembers Andrew Wyeth

Famous American painter, Andrew Wyeth, possessed the talent to depict the contrast between life and death and between emptiness and vacancy. He mastered intense realism that drew in audiences for decades. The new exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) portrays the tragedy of the artist’s life and the vitality of his imagination, while encouraging […]

The Hidden Horrors of Seattle University

CAROLINE DANIEL (PHOTO) AND CONNOR MERRION (DESIGN) • THE SPECTATOR Seattle University recently celebrated its 126th anniversary since its official founding in 1891. This, of course, means that every single original faculty member, professor and student who stepped foot on the very ground we work, teach and study on today is most certainly dead. Naturally, this […]

Trick or Treat Yourself to These Events

It is that witching time here again in Seattle. From ghosts and haunted houses, locks and a creepy basement, sea creatures, pumpkins and costumes—lots of costumes—“The Spectator” has you covered on tricks and treats for this year. VANESSA BRIMHALL • THE SPECTATOR Cat and Canary’s “Into the Basement” immersive horror event is held under the […]

Critic’s Corner: Only the Brave

Amongst the Halloween horror films coming out this month, the biographical drama “Only the Brave” details a real-life tragedy of losing everything to the wrath of Mother Nature. “Only the Brave” tells the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of elite firefighters who lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona. […]

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