Critic’s Corner: ‘Gangster Squad’

Can a movie with Ryan Gosling consistently wearing a shirt be good? Somewhat. In director Ruben Fleischer’s “Gangster Squad,” Los Angeles cop John O’Mara (Josh Brolin) goes undercover to take down one of the city’s most powerful leaders in crime, Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). Set post-World War II, O’Mara assembles a crew of talented but […]

Avenue Q Will Elicit An Existential Crisis

Avenue Q is full of bawdy puppets and lewd jokes. Don’t go into it expecting sunshine and rainbows though. I’m here to warn you as a fellow college student—this musical is going to be pretty heavy. When we left the Balagan Theatre on Harvard after the show, a lengthy conversation was had about our unsure […]

United Filipino Club Gets its Jam on

Seattle University’s Pigott Auditorium was packed with five musical acts and two local dance groups last Friday, marking the annual Filipino American Student Association’s (FASA) Jam concert “Harmonize in Unity.” FASA Jam is a benefit concert hosted every two years that raises money for the Filipino American National Historical Society, which documents and promotes Filipino […]

Halo 4: Old Game, New Guns

I’ll be honest—I wasn’t very excited for Halo 4. I had run the gamut of games in high school, reveling in three-shot battle rifle kills and legendary co-op runs along with almost every other guy my age. Halo was like a social obligation to many of my friends growing up. It was simply what you […]

Double Feature Opens At Lee Center

Two senior theatre majors took over the Lee Center for the Arts main stage last weekend, where their one-act plays of “The Actor’s Nightmare” and “Rain” are being featured. Director Robert Keene’s pick, “The Actor’s Nightmare” by Christopher Durang, keeps the audience guessing throughout the non-naturalistic comedy. The main character George Spelvin, played by Connor […]

Critic’s Corner: Skyfall

Bond is back, ya’ll. While code name 007 is believed to dead, an unknown cyber terrorist bombs MI6, killing many members of the British Secret Service. The incident prompts James Bond (Daniel Craig) to abandon his hideaway—a remote island where he was recovering from a bullet wound by drinking margaritas, laying low and sleeping with […]

If It Ain’t Original, Scratch That

This quarter, the producers of Scratch, Seattle University’s student-produced arts showcase, are emphasizing something new: original work. Why original work? “There’s a possibility for something more,” said producer and sophomore theater major Marshall Lewis. “We’ve seen that things like covers…are predominant, and we encourage people to step outside their boundaries.” “We want everyone to feel […]

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