Nerdhawk’s Guide: The Stack

Welcome back to another episode of The Stack, a discussion on whatever comic books I happen to have laying around. Today we’re going to be talking about The Mighty Thor #1 written by Jason Aaron. This is a new issue in the Post Secret Wars era so spoilers will follow. This issue picks up directly […]

NerdHawk’s Guide: Blizzcon 2015

Welcome back to another NerdHawk’s Guide to the nerd world! This week we are continuing with the coverage of Blizzcon 2015 and all the fun stuff that has been previewed. In the opening ceremony of Blizzcon the world was shown the first full length trailer to the live action feature film adaptation of the Warcraft […]

NerdHawk’s Guide: HoTs Finals

BlizzCon has arrived! That means it’s time for the World Championship competition of Heroes of the Storm and the $500,000 pot. After an exciting opening week we saw Americas Champions Cloud 9 and NaVi, european champions advance to the semi-finals stage. It’s still anybody’s game as we progress into the second half of the group […]

Nerdhawk’s Guide: The Stack

Welcome back Nerdhawks! Being a nerd myself, my desk is cluttered with many different things. A mouse that has over fifteen buttons resting on a World of Warcraft mousepad, noise canceling headphones with a microphone, and of course lots of comic books. Which brings me to today’s topic, we’re going to be talking about “The […]

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