Crawling for Literature on Cap Hill

Writers and artists flooded Capitol Hill on Thursday night armed with novels, poems and comic books. These speakers were filling bars, bookstores, cafes and libraries, ready to share their work with the dozens of Seattleites who attended this year’s Lit Crawl. EMILY MOZZONE • THE SPECTATOR The Lit Crawl celebrated its fifth year in Seattle with […]

Writing Upstream with Professor Ki Gottberg

Despite being on sabbatical, Ki Gottberg—who has been teaching at Seattle University for over 25 years—is still hard at work. During her sabbatical, Gottberg adapted the children’s book “The Last Salmon” to the stage. Part concert, part storytelling, the play has garnered success and praise from both children and adults during its run at the […]

Vagina Monologues: Still Inspiring Dialogue

Shakespeare may not have written it, but “The Vagina Monologues” is a revolutionary play that has maintained its cultural relevance since it was originally performed in 1996. Dedicated to women and their stories, the play still inspires audiences today and will be coming to Seattle University yet again. Primarily run through the Society of Feminists […]

Soft Spoken Author Met with Loud Applause

In a packed ballroom full of students, faculty and community members, a wave of respectful silence fell over the crowd as Ursula Le Guin began reading out loud. Her quiet and calming voice hovered softly over the audience as her words, written in 1971, provoked ideas of climate change, race, income inequality and acquiring a […]

“No Plot? No Problem!” Novel Writing Month Begins

Writers write. This is a lesson all young authors must learn before they can hope to capture any sort of success in their chosen field. Next month, an opportunity to write on a massive scale will present itself. Nov. 1 marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month—often shortened to NaNoWriMo—an internet-based creative writing project […]

Dissolving the ‘Single Story’ with Poetry

There is never a single story that can capture the collective experiences of any population and the consequences of accepting one narrative as truth is prejudice. At “How to Love THIS Queer Body of Color: An Unapology,” poets present work concerning the experience of being queer and a person of color in contemporary society. The […]

Students Share ‘Fragments’ of Their Work

Creating art is typically a solitary activity. It requires patience, time and a decent amount of frustration and self-doubt. This is why the unveiling of any creative work—after hours upon hours of perfecting it—is worth celebrating. Last Tuesday evening, several of Seattle University’s student writers and artists were able to do just that. The 57th […]

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