Stowell Strikes Again at Bar Cotto

Looks like Ethan Stowell has claimed 15th Ave. Bar Cotto, the famous food connoisseur’s most recent creation, opened two weeks ago and is now Stowell’s third restaurant on 15th Ave. Adorned with polished concrete floors, sporadically placed candles and modern wiry pendant lights, Bar Cotto, Capitol Hill’s newest salumeria and bar, epitomizes the classic Seattle […]

Von Trapp’s: A Glorious, Bavarian Disneyland

On opening day, Von Trapp’s was packed. Wait times stretched from two to three hours for a table. More than once, Seattle University students visiting the new Bavarian beer hall threw around the phrase “Chieftain Killer.” Nestled on 12th Ave., Von Trapp’s is certainly giving Seattle U’s unofficial bar a run for its money. The […]

Kedai Makan Brings Malaysia to the Hill

Admit it: a mid-level Capitol Hill eatery is more or less doomed to failure unless it has some serious drunk-food potential. Call it our dark side. Even Birkenstock-wearing, left-leaning vegan denizens of the Hill sure as hell aren’t clamoring for salads when the sun goes down. What would the neighborhood be without its intoxicating twilight […]

Meet Red Robin’s Hip, Drunk Sibling

There’s a Red Robin on the Hill. Well, sort of. On Jan. 2, Sam’s Tavern—a bar inspired by Red Robin’s original restaurant and owned by a family member of the chain’s creators—opened on the busy corner of Pike Street and 10th Ave. Owner James Snyder is following in the footsteps of his family. Red Robin […]

The Great Seattle Street Meat Adventure

#1 – Monster Dogs 10th Ave. and Pike Street Rating: 4/5 The first cart I visited was Monster Dogs. I ordered a dog topped with barbeque sauce and grilled onions. Monster Dogs offered the spiciest dog I tested, though I would imagine that topping the dog with some cream cheese would help. Although the taste […]

Cafe Pettirosso Gets A Makeover

Even though Café Pettirosso just opened its doors, it has already withstood the test of time. The café saw humble beginnings as Capitol Hill’s first coffee cart. For perspective, when Pettirosso opened, Value Village was still REI. After a number of years as a coffee cart, Pettirosso moved into its current space on 11th Ave. […]

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