Frozen Yogurt’s Chilling Return to Capitol Hill

Located at the old Yogurtland location on Broadway on Capitol Hill, Refresh Frozen Desserts is more than just a new frozen yogurt establishment. Refresh creates a space that resembles the familiar motif of frozen yogurt but still has its own unique charm. This family owned and operated business nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill […]

I Love Poke: Hawaiian Food Comes to Seattle

Seafood has a long, glorious relationship with the Pacific Northwest and with Seattle in particular—try a clam chowder bowl at Pike’s Place and you’ll know what I mean—and a new take on an old Seattleite favorite will be hitting the city this October. I Love Poke, a Hawaiian food event centered on good food, good […]

No Country for Old Waffles

With walls ornamented in panels made from pallets, Nate’s Wings and Waffles has an atmosphere that is most accurately described as homey and contemporary. Setting foot in Nate’s is akin to hanging out in your DIY-obsessed best friend’s urban backyard. That is, if your friend also happens to be a great cook and connoisseur of […]

I Scream you Scream, We All Scream for…

Anyone who ends up on Capitol Hill with an ice cream craving has some very tough decisions to make. Over the course of the 2010s, ten square blocks of Capitol Hill have played host to a veritable ice cream renaissance. Of course there’s Molly Moon’s—one of their massive scoops on a homemade waffle cone is […]

What The Heck Is A Byrek?

In the restaurant world, running and maintaining a successful shop is easier said than done. There is a lot of time, hard work and money involved in making a restaurant run, let alone run well. But Capitol Hill’s newest food venture seems to be primed for a successful run. Byrek and Baguette is here to […]

Six Serious Sandwich Shops of Seattle

Siri Smith Staff Writer Memorial Day is just around the corner, and the weather is due to be sunny (fingers crossed). Don’t simply spend your sunny Monday off from school inside, procrastinating on homework (I know you are, it’s okay). Spend it outside at parks like Cal Anderson, Volunteer, Discovery or Ravenna. And while you’re […]

Cheese, Greens and Ice Cream at Chophouse row

Those who frequent Melrose Market know that it’s kind of a community wonderland. Different permanent vendors make space to sell their wines, meats, beeswax candles and anything else you can package into a mason jar. Liz Dunn, co-developer of Melrose Market, has put together a new project on Capitol Hill. It’s called Chophouse Row, and […]

Rave to the New Ramen Joint on Pine St.

When people hear that I’m interested in food writing, a predictable litany of questions tends to follow. Taylor DeLavega • The Spectator The new Ramen restaurant located on Pine street is serving up a wide variety of tasty Ramen bowls. “Oh, so you want to be a restaurant critic?” (No.) “My parents are in town, […]

New Sushi Joint Rolls up on Capitol Hill

If Musashi’s sushi bar was a person, it would be that good friend you go to for advice—it’s straightforward, unintimidating and reliable. Gokan by Musashi’s, however, is his sexier and more stylish jetsetter cousin with whom you’d probably like to become better acquainted. Taylor DeLavega • The Spectator Capitol Hill’s newest sushi bar by chef […]

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