Wood Shop: Closest Thing to Texas BBQ in Seattle

Wood Shop BBQ, a small restaurant- slash-bar tucked away in the Central District on S Jackson Street, is the closest thing this Texan has found to southwestern comfort food in Seattle. Kansas-born Matt Davis and Texas native James Barrington, who started the business in 2014 with a food truck, recently opened the doors to this […]

Sink Your Teeth into Katsu Burger

It was tired feet and growling stomachs that led my group of women’s marchers into the new Katsu Burger on Saturday. We had been walking for a few hours with the Women’s March before deciding we needed to fuel up to make it through the day. Our choice of fuel? A deep-fried burger, nori fries […]

Taco ‘Bout Tequila in Seattle

Convincing yourself to take the first shot is always tough. Trying not to think about the burning sensation you’ll feel in your stomach moments after, you do it anyway. ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro! This is a Spanish phrase traditionally said moments before someone licks the salt off their hand, down a shot of […]

Sizzle Pie is a Slice of Life on the Hill

The competition for the best pizza on Capitol Hill has traditionally been held between Big Mario’s and Hot Mama’s, but a new pizza joint may be adding its name to the mix: Sizzle Pie. The Portland-born pizza joint recently opened a Seattle location at 1009 East Union Street, taking the location of the recently closed […]

Ice Cream Festival Scoops up Taste of Summer in Seattle

As the weather heats up, ice cream shops from across the Seattle are preparing to kick off the summer season with a selection of sweet treats at the Seattle Ice Cream Festival. The 12 participating ice cream makers will arrive armed with unique flavors and natural ingredients for the first annual festival. The festival will […]

An Optimistic Take on Brewing Hits the Hill

Although the rare Seattle sunshine has been making more frequent appearances this dreary winter quarter, the days of fog and gray clouds are still well among us. There is, however, a silver lining—or should I say gold lining? Jessie Koon • The Spectator Optimism Brewery opened in December and is located at the corner of […]

Boozy Bike Cafe Opens Doors on Jefferson

Cam Peters • The Spectator Peloton’s tool rack. Peloton screams Seattle. From its floorboards to ceiling tiles, everything about Peloton says Seattle. Not in the slow driving, eco-friendly, tech savvy, passive aggressive sense—Peloton is Seattle the same way Archie McPhee’s or The EMP Museum are Seattle. But what makes Peloton special is that, at it’s […]

Sevenbeef Serves up Beef that Ruins Lives, in a Good Way

Jarrod Gallagher Staff Writer Vegans beware, there’s a new threat to your mission in town. It’s not legislation and it’s not gentrification. It’s Sevenbeef Steak Shop. Before experiencing Sevenbeef, it would have been possible to happily live one’s life without consuming meat. Life post Sevenbeef, however, is one of desire and yearning for everything a […]

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