An Optimistic Take on Brewing Hits the Hill

Although the rare Seattle sunshine has been making more frequent appearances this dreary winter quarter, the days of fog and gray clouds are still well among us. There is, however, a silver lining—or should I say gold lining? Jessie Koon • The Spectator Optimism Brewery opened in December and is located at the corner of […]

Boozy Bike Cafe Opens Doors on Jefferson

Cam Peters • The Spectator Peloton’s tool rack. Peloton screams Seattle. From its floorboards to ceiling tiles, everything about Peloton says Seattle. Not in the slow driving, eco-friendly, tech savvy, passive aggressive sense—Peloton is Seattle the same way Archie McPhee’s or The EMP Museum are Seattle. But what makes Peloton special is that, at it’s […]

Sevenbeef Serves up Beef that Ruins Lives, in a Good Way

Jarrod Gallagher Staff Writer Vegans beware, there’s a new threat to your mission in town. It’s not legislation and it’s not gentrification. It’s Sevenbeef Steak Shop. Before experiencing Sevenbeef, it would have been possible to happily live one’s life without consuming meat. Life post Sevenbeef, however, is one of desire and yearning for everything a […]

Amandine Bakery: Oui, Oui… This Food is Tasty

While Capitol Hill has no shortage of coffee shops and bakeries, Amandine Bakeshop stands out from the rest with high-quality pastries that have a surprising but delicious twist. Located in the Chophouse Row building on 11th Avenue, Amandine is only a short walk from campus, making it the perfect place to grab a snack and […]

Caliburger is Hella Bad

There are two kinds of burgers in this world ­— the fast food burger and the meal burger. Through my travels I have had the opportunity to sample the best and worst of both types. The most notable burgers are always the ones that have fresh ingredients and don’t waste your time with things that […]

Everything Food: Contentment for sale at Niche

Quaint little eateries are popping up all over Capitol Hill, offering a wide variety of food stuff galore. Normally this would be a completely favorable situation, but if you’re as indecisive as I am, this endless pool of options only poses a grand problem for a growling tummy: option overload! Fortunately, if you’re looking for […]

Stateside Satisfies Students’ Stomachs

Seattle’s fast-growing restaurant scene is making people dash to sample what the buzz is about. With such a variety of innovative, friendly restaurants, finding one that truly is raising the bar may seem difficult. However, one restaurant on 300 E Pike, seems to be making a name for itself amidst the chaos of progression. Stateside […]

Meal in the Dark Illuminates Greater Understanding

As the lights came on, I looked down at my companion’s immaculate dish and compared it my own crumb covered one. I asked him if he literally licked his plate clean—to which he replied with a proud and matter-offact, “Yes… It’s not like anyone was watching.” It’s amazing the liberation one can experience when there […]

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