Digital Design Students Renovate Vachon

Seattle University’s digital design students are used to editing and re-editing their artwork—but not to this extent. This week they are opening their annual digital design exhibit in Vachon Gallery on campus. The theme for this year’s show is “RE: Reshape, Rethink, Redesign.” The show will feature the artwork of students in the digital design […]

‘the common S E N S E’: A Touchy Subject?

Upon the shelves surrounding me in the Henry Art Gallery, neatly placed stacks of newsprint paper sit side-by-side. Each stack contains a different short passage. One of them quotes a line from Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,”: “Behind me I feel her presence … A woman made into an angel, waiting to […]

Metamorphosis Caught On Film In New Exhibit

“I love her,” is something people usually say about their friends, family members and sweethearts. But a new photo exhibit on campus proposes that it is also something people should say about themselves. Seattle University juniors Monica Lloyd and Kathy Rizzo met during their freshman year. Lloyd was one of the first people with whom […]

Out Of The Studio, Into The Gallery

It’s an artist’s dream: make whatever you want. There are no rules. And your work will be displayed in a professional gallery. Professor Francisco Guerrero’s Advanced Studio Course challenges visual arts students to take what they’ve learned in their prerequisite art classes and create their own body of work. But with a short turnaround of […]

Visual Artist Strives To Capture The Invisible

“I have a mantra that all art is sacred,” says artist Emily Ann Pothast. “If you’re looking at something and you can’t figure out whether or not it’s sacred, then I wouldn’t call it art.” Pothast’s new multimedia art exhibit, “Drawing God from Direct Observation,” explores the human creative practice as a function of spirituality […]

Yours In Art Is Yours Once Again

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” or so the adage goes. You could, however, opt for a poem—Yours in Art would love to see either. With their first zine successfully published in the winter of last year, Yours in Art is back with an up-and- coming second zine. The publication’s tentative release date will […]

Q&A With SU Artist In Residence Jason Hirata

Artist Jason Hirata is known for his constantly shifting, situation-specific artworks—launching a cell phone into space, baking carbon-infused, edible black bread and creating drawings out of his own sweat are just a few of his recent projects. Since graduating from the University of Washington in 2009, Hirata has explored a wide range of artistic practices. […]

Let’s Go To The ‘New Beach’

As a Hawaii native, I know a thing or two about beaches. So when I heard about Seattle’s “New Beach,” I jumped at the chance to go—even if it was just an art installation. That didn’t matter, only this: The word “beach” made me think of three things: gentle waves breaking, the warmth of the […]

12 Ave Arts: Home is Where the Art is

Jessie Koon • The Spectator The new 12th Ave Arts building is located at the corner of 12th and Pine in Capitol Hill. The goal of the space is to provide affordable housing and a place for the community to enjoy. The giant orange marquee sign makes the 12 Ave Arts building impossible to miss […]

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