In Conversation with Artist in Residence, Matt Sellars

Cornish College of the Arts graduate Matt Sellars was recently selected as Seattle University’s Artist in Residence (SUVAIR) and has spent the last six months preparing his exhibition that will be shown in the Vachon Gallery from Jan. 15 to Feb. 11. A skilled wood-worker, sculptor and illustrator, Sellars’ exhibition focuses on themes that deal […]

Art of Alzheimer’s Exhibit Dismantles Stigma

“My mother Jane, started suffering from dementia when she was 89 and I kept sharing her art with people,” said Marilyn Raichle, the founder of a new exhibit on display at City Hall entitled, “Art of Alzheimer’s.” On Jan. 7, the doors of City Hall opened to the general public as the Art of Alzheimer’s […]

Punctum Exhibit Showcases Poignant Photography

Taking inspiration from Roland Barthes’ 1980 look into the art of photographer Camera Lucida, the Photo Center Northwest has opened a new exhibit on Capitol Hill. The exhibit, titled Punctum, is named after Barthes’ term that describes his feeling of being “pricked” by a photograph. Barthes also labels different aspects of a photo in his […]

Mixin’ it Up with Music and Art at Sam Remix

The best way to celebrate famous works of art—well, the best way to celebrate anything, really—is with live music, delicious food and fancy drinks. When people think of an art museum, they might imagine a quiet place. They see people in galleries gazing intently at squares of canvas, hands clasped behind their back, lingering, meandering […]

MFA Students Get in Your Face

Art is not simply meant to be looked at, but experienced in its entirety and this year’s artwork at the “In Your Face” art show demands its audience to delve further beneath the surface. The “Social Issues Through the Arts” course, taught by Professor Deborah Lawrence in the Master of Fine Arts program, has students […]

Genius Abounds at the Frye as Exhibit Opens

I’m sure you’ve passed by the Frye Museum—maybe on your way downtown—or perhaps you’ve actually gone in and sampled the eclectic mix of art. While small, the Frye has been voted as the best museum in Seattle, as well as one of the best free museums in the country—and they aren’t letting that success get […]

Fine Arts Seniors, It’s Our Honor to Showcase You

This month, six of Seattle University’s top artists are graduating—but before they enter the professional art world, you still have one more chance to see their work on campus. Next Friday is the annual Fine Arts Departmental Honors Showcase, featuring works by exemplary seniors majoring in the arts. This year’s event features six seniors from […]

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