New Hedreen Gallery Curator Wants You to Feel Weird

Most students might not realize that there are three art galleries on campus. The most renowned, the Vachon, occupies the Fine Arts building while the Kinsey is situated in the Admissions building. The third—and most overlooked—is the Hedreen Gallery, which occupies prime real estate on 12th Ave across from the Chieftain. Despite this excellent location, […]

Find your Muse at the Digital Design Exhibition

“This year’s design exhibition has very professional designer oriented work,” said associate professor Naomi Kasumi, the digital design exhibition curator for the last decade. “The students were really conscious about how they wanted to be seen as professional designers.” The 2016 digital design exhibition, titled “Muse,” will be filling the Vachon Gallery with an abundance […]

Art Bubbles up at Capitol Cider Drink and Draw

As a proud son of this Evergreen State, apples are something I have always known. From pie to slices, from butter to cider, apples and I go way back. So when I got the chance to visit Capitol Cider’s Drink and Draw event last Thursday, I figured that while I wasn’t the most accomplished artist, […]

Indigo Textiles at SAM a Matter of Personal Humility

Last Saturday, the Seattle Art Museum opened an exhibit at the Asian Art Museum called “Mood Indigo: Textiles From Around the World.” The SAM uses its global textile collection of over 100 pieces to tell the story of a color that surrounds humans almost constantly. This exhibit succeeds in creating an intriguing atmosphere with textiles […]

Telling the Untold Stories of Homelessness at New Foundation

Art is a form of activism. Martha Rosler demonstrates this in “Homelessness: The Street and Other Venues,” the final installment of a three-part exhibition called, “If You Lived Here Still,” which went on display last Thursday at New Foundation Seattle. The original exhibition, which first took place in New York City in 1989, included numerous […]

Art gets Personal at Advanced Studio Art Exhibit

A cup of coffee every morning. Her favorite bed sheets. Some wine that a friend gave her for her 21st birthday. The small material things in senior Rachel Young’s life manifest as preciousness in the art that she makes. Kyle Kotani • The Spectator Devin Ball, “Digging for Gold”: Hellebore I’ve held onto for too […]

Before You Die, Write on the Blackboard in the Bistro

Resembling the monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” a blackboard has found its home in the corner of the billiards room at the Bistro. With the words “Before I Die…” blazoned across the top, it begs students to approach it. Scribbled beneath are words, maybe written by another student, a Bistro worker or perhaps even […]

Real Change Exhibit to Re-Frame Homelessness

Over 300 vendors, most of whom are homeless, sell Real Change—a newspaper focused on homeless populations and issues. Those vendors are given the chance to gain experience in sales training, computer skills, service referral and many other opportunities. Seattle City Hall opened its doors to the public last week to help welcome the “Real Change […]

Exhibit Revives History with Intergrity Through Art

Cross through a cobwebbed portal and enter into the labyrinth of sacred temple caves of the Silk Road at “Journey to Dunhuang: Buddhist Art of the Silken Caves,” a new exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Located between the northern and southern Silk Road trade routes, Dunhuang was dubbed China’s original “melting pot.” Spanning from […]

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