SAM Exhibit Shows Perspectives on Migration

Friday evening was a busy night across the nation as many folks buzzed with post-inaugural energy. Ducking out of the hustle and bustle, I sought tranquility at the Seattle Art Museum. It was the opening day of Jacob Lawrence’s “Migration Series,” for which the museum was providing free entry starting on Friday and continuing for […]

Seattle Asian Art Museum to Close for Renovations

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) held a press conference on Sept. 30 presenting the initial designs for a two-year expansion project of the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM). The SAM is partnering with fellow Seattle-based architecture company LMN Architects to complete the first remodel of the structure since it was constructed in 1933. The renovation […]

An Exhibit so Powerful it Brings “Tears” to Eyes

Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography students have concluded their time at Seattle U with an intimate exhibit that showcases each student-artist’s individuality, ambition and talent. “It is their last big obligation at SU for their degree, they work the whole year, and most of them started even earlier than that,” said Claire Garoutte, the […]

New Hedreen Gallery Curator Wants You to Feel Weird

Most students might not realize that there are three art galleries on campus. The most renowned, the Vachon, occupies the Fine Arts building while the Kinsey is situated in the Admissions building. The third—and most overlooked—is the Hedreen Gallery, which occupies prime real estate on 12th Ave across from the Chieftain. Despite this excellent location, […]

Find your Muse at the Digital Design Exhibition

“This year’s design exhibition has very professional designer oriented work,” said associate professor Naomi Kasumi, the digital design exhibition curator for the last decade. “The students were really conscious about how they wanted to be seen as professional designers.” The 2016 digital design exhibition, titled “Muse,” will be filling the Vachon Gallery with an abundance […]

Art Bubbles up at Capitol Cider Drink and Draw

As a proud son of this Evergreen State, apples are something I have always known. From pie to slices, from butter to cider, apples and I go way back. So when I got the chance to visit Capitol Cider’s Drink and Draw event last Thursday, I figured that while I wasn’t the most accomplished artist, […]

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