Ecuador and Japan Recover After Devastating Quakes

“There is nothing natural about the aftermath of a natural disaster,” sophomore Kami Chan said. “There is no mercy when it destroys everything in its path.” On the evening of Saturday, April 16, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 devastated Ecuador. The catastrophe demolished many coastal towns, killing 654 people and forcing more than 26,000 others […]

Gender in Politics: Discussed Too Much or Not Enough?

With the current race between the 2016 Democratic presidential candidates heating up, the Seattle University Wingmen decided to spice things up with their event “Gender in Politics: Bernie Bros Welcome.” The organization’s core team is made up of adviser Jazz Espiritu and members Nicolás Cruz, Michael Clymer and Connor Crinion. While the group is still […]

Love in Harmony at the Spring Choir Concert

When the Seattle University choir performs their seasonal show this spring, love will be in the air and our ears. This year’s spring choir concert, “All Our Loves” will let love blossom like a flower in its attendees’ hearts. “It’s in our mission statement that, through outstanding, great music, we aim to bring more love […]

A Higher Order: Mission & Ministry Programs Realigned

Illustrated by Emma Fried • The Spectator Words hold power, especially when they imply a commitment to faith. For Seattle University, the words we use that are centered around our mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution are intentionally employed with the spirit of care and empowerment. The recent realignment of Division of Mission and Ministry […]

The Week in Review

STUDENTS PUSH UNIVERSITIES ON EQUITY ISSUES— Students from the University of Washington and Western Washington University have recently made demands related to equity issues. Hundreds of black students at the UW took over a meeting on race and equity two weeks ago, critiquing the university for not acting on these issues in a timely manner. […]

More Than just a Number: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This year Seattle University continues the annual tradition of Take Back the Night—along with other projects—during April, sexual assault awareness month. This month demands that survivors are seen as people above all else. By including all people of all backgrounds and identities, survivors and allies can join together in solidarity against sexual assault. It’s about […]

The Week in Review

DONALD TRUMP ABORTION STANCE SPARKS OUTRAGE— After Donald Trump commented that women who choose to have an abortion should be criminalized, many people  belonging to both pro-choice and pro-life groups took offense to Trump’s abortion stance. Although Trump failed to elaborate on what the specific consequences should be, he did take the position that, “There […]

Ignatianq on the Intersection of Identities

In honor of Seattle University’s Jesuit tradition, many share the belief that the desire for social justice transcends any boundaries or limitations. These Jesuit values will again be coming together in solidarity, as the third annual IgnatianQ conference will be hosted by Seattle University this Fri., Apr. 1 through Sun., Apr. 3. Both student-run and […]

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