Brendan Westendorf Makes Every Second

We sit down with Brendan Westendorf from the men’s basketball team to ask him about his experience playing the sport and his plans for the future. JESSIE KOON • THE SPECTATOR Brendan Westendorf, No. 0. What does basketball mean in your family? BW: It’s one of those sports that everyone does, so it’s kind of […]

Westendorf, Powell Lead Redhawks to Win

The Red Zone was full at the newly renovated Connolly Center. As soon as “JuJu On That Beat” began playing, the crowd got hot. College basketball season has arrived. Lights went off and a short clip of Seattle University’s Men’s Basketball team began to play. Names of the players were announced as Seattle U students […]

Lila Rice Ends With a Bang!

At Seattle University’s cross-country Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Championship on Oct. 29, Seattle U cross-country runner and nursing student Lila Rice was titled WAC Cross Country Champion. As Rice says goodbye to her final year at Seattle U, she speaks about her accomplishment and her experience in cross-country. How does it feel to have earned […]

Male Birth Control Study Raises Questions of Equality

After years of women carrying the burden to prevent unwanted pregnancies chemically, it appeared there was a chance men would share this responsibility. A trial to study a hormonal contraceptive for men was in the process, until a committee intervened and stopped the study. JESSICA DOMINGO • THE SPECTATOR Gildess and Nexplanon are one of […]

Matea Mamic’s Killin’ Records

“Most athletes don’t get 1000 kills in their college career, so it’s unusual,” said James Finley. While playing New Mexico State, on Saturday, Oct. 22, Matea Mamic, senior captain of the Seattle University volleyball team, succeeded hitting her 1,000th kill. During the match, she completed eight kills, which boosted her number of kills to 1,003. […]

Mission Examen Calls for Reflection

As Seattle University celebrates its 125th anniversary, it must also undergo a self-study imposed by the Superior General of the Jesuits: the “Mission Examen.” The examen is led in part by Fr. Peter Ely, S.J., along with 13 other individuals. This committee is in charge of writing a reflection report on the progress and setbacks […]

Shim-Sham Into Hallowswing With SU Swing

It’s 6 a.m. and she has jazz band class. Unlike every other student in the class that was grumpy and mad, Nancy was happy. Unlike any other day, the class went swing dancing. ANNIE CHANG • THE SPECTATOR “I knew it was something special,” she said. “Because I wasn’t pissed off [like the others].” Little […]

Welcoming the Dead With Celebrations Galore

Día de los Muertos is around the corner and Starbucks decided to add a new pastry to their menu: sugar skull cookies. Whether or not this is cultural appropriation for monetary gain is up to you to decide. But if you buy a cookie, at least know what the “calaveras” represent. You can thank Jose […]

Taco ‘Bout Tequila in Seattle

Convincing yourself to take the first shot is always tough. Trying not to think about the burning sensation you’ll feel in your stomach moments after, you do it anyway. ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro! This is a Spanish phrase traditionally said moments before someone licks the salt off their hand, down a shot of […]

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