Cheer and Dance Team Suspended for Safety Issues

Kyle Kotani • the spectator Seattle U’s Cheer program has been suspended until issues surrounding the program are resolved. As of early April, the Seattle University Cheer and Dance programs have been temporarily suspended due to safety reasons. Seattle University Athletics provided a statement regarding the suspension. “The completion of the basketball season presents a […]

The Quiet Crisis of Homelessness Steps Out of the Shadows

The issue of family homelessness is one that hides in the shadows. It sits quiet, alone and misunderstood. Its causes and consequences are complex, and while an estimated one million children are homeless in the U.S. at any given time, their stories remain veiled from the Seattle community. On April 13, Seattle University’s Center for […]

Apple’s Secret Sauce and the Value of Privacy

It’s 2016 and privacy is a pipedream. Personal lives are plastered over social media. Street corners are plagued with cameras. Confidential information is no longer padlocked in the dusty file cabinet in the basement. Instead, we carry the weight of that file cabinet in a condensed, rectangular form—our phones are our diaries, scrapbooks and banks. […]

Exhibit Revives History with Intergrity Through Art

Cross through a cobwebbed portal and enter into the labyrinth of sacred temple caves of the Silk Road at “Journey to Dunhuang: Buddhist Art of the Silken Caves,” a new exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Located between the northern and southern Silk Road trade routes, Dunhuang was dubbed China’s original “melting pot.” Spanning from […]

Are We Closeting Our Conservative Classmates

For some conservative students on campus, the elephant in the room is one’s own conservative views. Grace Wall is a self-proclaimed conservative, libertarian-leaning freshman at Seattle University. She hails from the genial town of Madison, Wis. “I’ve always been very passionate about the abortion issue just because I personally believe that life begins at conception […]

SU Gets Blunt About Potential Smoking Age Increase

For many college students, a 21st birthday signifies the liberating privilege of ordering an alcoholic beverage without the ever-risky fake ID. However, an additional product may soon be added to the list of items reserved for 21-and-ups: cigarettes. jessie koon • the spectator A new Washington state bill proposes that the new smoking age should […]

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