As a Former Employee of Jodi Kelly

I was an office assistant in the Matteo Ricci College from January 2015 to June 2016—17 months to be exact—and I was completed blindsided by the events that transpired last spring. I remember working one of my regular shifts, Wednesday from 1-3. A group of student activists were conducting a rally just a few yards […]

Seattle U Welcomes New Athletic Director

Seattle University welcomed its new Athletic Director, Shaney Fink, on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Fink, who has worked in athletics administration for nearly 20 years, joins Seattle U from the University of San Diego, where she held the position of Senior Associate Athletic Director. SHANEY FINK • SEATTLE UNIVERSITY Shaney Fink is introduced as the new […]

Court Review of Right to Unionize Divides SU Community

“I’m not surprised, just continually disappointed,” said history professor Michael Ng. On Friday, Sept. 30, Seattle University President Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J., sent an email with an embedded video to the entire student body and faculty in which he announced that the university administration will seek court review of the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) […]

2017 Budget Grows and Shapes our University

On Monday, May 9, Seattle University President Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J. sent out a letter detailing the finalized $211.9 million budget for the 2017 fiscal year. The budget, which increased 3.3 percent from last year, will fund a spectrum of new and continuing programs. Seattle U Chief Executive Officer Connie Kanter says that the university […]

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