SU Rounds Up To Join Nepal Relief Efforts

More than two weeks have passed since the strongest earthquake to strike Nepal in 80 years devastated the country. Reports claim that the death toll has passed 7,500, though it is predicted that the number will exceed 10,000. Those numbers have sent shockwaves of anguish around the world, and the Seattle University community is no […]

Faculty Give Divestment Petition An Edge

UPDATE: The Academic Assembly has authorized the divestment committee to release the faculty’s open letter. Click here to read the full text. More and more universities are joining the list of schools divesting from fossil fuels. While Seattle University has yet to join in, on April 22, faculty released an open letter to the school […]

Baltimore Riots Shaped By Inequality, Power

Baltimore, Maryland is still in recovery after a series of protests and violent riots shook the city last week and drew attention from across the country and the world. On Saturday, April 25, a peaceful protest of the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who was fatally injured while in police custody, turned […]

Just The Beginning: Tensions Are Rising

On Wednesday, April 15 hundreds of protesters filled the Pigott atrium: hanging banners, waving signs, and showing support for workers in what was one of many demonstrations taking place across the country in a movement for labor rights. One of the organizations, Service Employees International Union, who has led the adjunct faculty unionization efforts at […]

Black Lives Are More Valuable Than Property

On April 19, Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man, died from spinal injuries sustained while in police custody earlier that week. It is still unknown why the police arrested him, and why he had to die. Protestors in Baltimore have taken to the streets every night since his death. While mostly peaceful, a few incidents […]

No Strike And You’re Still Out?

The scenes of a strike range from picket signs and marches to angry flyers and indignant faces, but what remains common in each situation is a desire to be heard. Many may believe that taking a stance for what you believe in and fighting for what you deserve should be a right, but others might […]

Summit Stresses Environmental Justice

One hundred and twenty years ago Pope Leo XIII released an open letter addressing worker conditions that would forever shift the mission of the Catholic Church. This last Tuesday, Pope Francis shifted the Church once again, this time towards environmental justice. The Pope has spoke on not only the human impacts on climate change, but […]

Week In Review

STWTS Wheat-Pasting Night—As part of International Anti-Street Harassment Week, the awareness organization Stop Telling Women to Smile (STWTS) held a wheat-pasting night on April 17. Women all around the world were encouraged to post pictures on walls of themselves with words protesting street harassment. STWTS is an art project headed by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, who is […]

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