Why Does Capitol Hill Look Like Lego Land?

Last week, I spoke a little bit about how the linguistic roots of gentrification could help us understand what the term implies, and how it relates to our current way of moving through the world. The qualms with gentrification on Capitol Hill, however, move beyond rising rents. Like any kind of change in the Urban […]

Passion Play Reimagines Jesus’ Life, Death

The Passion, the period in Jesus’ life ranging from when he entered Jerusalem to his crucifixion, is one of the most well-known stories on Earth. From Hollywood to local churches, the story has been told time and time again in countless settings. Students at Seattle University now have the chance to see the Passion in […]

What is Gentrification, Really?

Gentrification. The word has become almost as ubiquitous here on Capitol Hill as the lego-themed apartment complexes that have come to dominate the neighborhood’s skyline. Whether it’s in reference to the destruction of old buildings, the skyrocketing rents, or the abundance of high-priced ultra modern boutiques, there seems to be nothing that folks on Capitol […]

Writers and Readers Unite at AWP ’14

Seattle might have seemed strange last week when the Association of Writers and Writing Programs came to town. Instead of the traditional bar talk one might expect from a Thursday or Saturday night—of financial woes, crumbling relationships, and sports perspectives—Seattleites heard a long-unpublished author trying desperately to seduce the young publisher sitting warily next to […]

Are Hover Boards Finally Here?

Since I was a young boy, hover boards have always been my most immediate image of the future. Next to flying cars and robot maids, nothing seemed more likely to usher in the turn of the century than my own personal flying skateboard. Unfortunately, science and technology in the 21st century have more or less […]

Critic’s Corner: ‘Pompeii’

The story of Pompeii is fertile ground for fiction. When the bustling city was demolished by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 C.E., it was occupied by over 20,000 people and was one small component of the world’s current economic and military superpower: the Roman Empire. A supposedly “modern city” with a thriving port […]

Rebranding Posters Aimed At The Individual

“Seattle University is a sleeping giant, and we need to awaken the sleeping giant.” These were the words that Scott McClellen, the current vice president of communications at Seattle University, used to describe the school’s recent efforts at rebranding itself. As part of this ongoing effort, the school has recently made a number of changes […]

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