Need a Friend? April Is Here

Are you stressed about this quarter? Have you found that staring into the abyss no longer satisfies your boredom? Well look no further, because the internet has once more out down itself by providing live coverage of nature’s long necked friend; April the giraffe. For over 3 months, the New York Zoo has provided live […]

Lost and Found: Terracotta Warriors at Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center opened its doors on Thursday for a preview of its newest exhibition; Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor. Originally belonging to the People’s Republic of China, The Terracotta Army exhibition features artifacts that date back to the first emperor of China, over 2,000 years ago. The event was hosted speakers such […]

May I Be Wrong

“It’s a girl.” The first words spoken the moment I entered this world. Wrapped in a pink blanket and place into my mother’s arms, already had I been condemned to the life that society would want me to live by. This isn’t the introduction to my memoir. I promise you I’m not a middle aged […]

Back at It Again With The XX

It’s the year 2009. Decked out in my blue skinny jeans, ugg boots and sundress, t-shirt combo, I am living the eighth-grade dream. As I gaze out the window, I shuffle through the playlists on my iPod, picking the one that would be least embarrassing in case one of my classmates happened to catch a […]

New Year, New Me?

Welcome to 2017! Like most who enter the New Year, it is common to create goals that one aspires to achieve . Whether it be by creating a note on your phone or tapping a perfectly outlined ‘New Year New Me’ list on your fridge, this trend of starting anew is shared by many. If […]

Bibimbap: A Delectable Surprise

For students who attend Seattle University, living on Capitol Hill has its perks. The food options are endless, your doorstep is literally steps, or for most blocks, away from the nearest open bar, and countless dogs looking for a playful partner roam the streets. Capitol Hill is a vibrant community that keeps on giving, even […]

A Word From a Millenial

It’s Generation X vs. the Millenials. The dinosaurs vs. the robots. Running into battle with cell phones and pagers in hand, our words are our weapons, the social media our battlefield. As millenials pull up their twitters and fire away hashtags, generation X busies themselves with wondering where the slide out keyboard is on their […]

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