Shooting the Messenger

Students circled like vultures as Michele Murray spoke last week about changes in the demonstration policy in the student code of conduct (see page 5). The meeting, which lasted two hours on Wednesday night, descended into uneasiness as Murray fielded questions from some of our most outspoken students on the policing of black and brown […]

Salmon Give New Life to Elwha River

Often we think nature is weak, that the damage we’ve caused is irreversible, but scientists are optimistic after salmon were spotted over the summer making their way upstream in the Elwha River, which began its recovery five years ago when two dams blocking its waters were demolished and the 45-mile-long river was set loose across […]

Nation’s First Carbon Tax on Washington Ballot

No state in this country has a tax on carbon emissions. That might change in November if Washington state voters approve Initiative 732, a ballot measure that would establish a carbon emission tax on certain fossil fuels, reduce the state sales tax by one percentage point, increase a low-income exemption and reduce certain manufacturing taxes. […]

Seattle U Hosts Gubernatorial Debate

Republican Bill Bryant and incumbent democrat Jay Inslee squared off in a heated gubernatorial debate held in Pigott Auditorium on Monday. With general elections closing in, this was an opportunity for both candidates to make their positions clear and pin down any undecided voters. But that’s not really how it went. Instead the debate became […]

45th Annual Folklife Festival Builds Community

Hundreds of musicians, singers, dancers and other artists gave thousands of festival-goers a taste of different cultures at the 45th annual Northwest Folklife Festival over the weekend. The four-day-long festival is one of the biggest events of its kind, dating back more than four decades to when it started as a group of musicians who […]

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