Swim Away The Stress

With midterms rapidly approaching, I can already see the stress and anxiety beginning to form on my fellow classmates’ faces. We are all exhausted and delirious from too many hours spent at the library, having read too many pages and written too many papers. But do not lose hope! I have a surprising secret that […]

Festival Hosts Films From Wild (North)West

Washington Water Trust is bringing eight films from out of the wild and into downtown Seattle for the 12th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival this Thursday, April 24. The festival features a variety of short films and documentaries about nature, outdoor adventures and environmental issues. “We wanted to bring together a collection of conservation […]

Fujimura Sails into SU with ‘Golden Sea’

“I try to get to the invisible. I try to get to things that are difficult to describe but nevertheless are enduring; some part of our experiences that we never forget.” This is what artist, writer, speaker and scholar Makoto Fujimura has to say about his work. His abstract paintings have been exhibited in galleries […]

Improvisational Irish Folk Music

With a name like Maggie Molloy, it comes as no surprise that my family is nearly 100 percent Irish. If the name alone didn’t give it away, surely my pale skin and freckles did. (Did I mention “Maggie” is short for Margaret Patricia?) Growing up, my dad always told me I inherited the Irish “love […]

SU Fashion Club Brings Catwalk to Campus

The Fashion Club of Seattle University (FCSU) is combining sweet style with street style in their seventh annual “On My Block” Fashion Show this Saturday, April 12. “Our theme this year is titled ‘A Romantic Rebellion,’ so we’re playing with light and flowy versus dark and edgy,” said freshman Kathryn Vaccaro, modeling chair of Fashion […]

Kithkin Puts Down Roots, Branches Out

Kithkin is a Cascadian “tree-punk” band with its roots in Seattle. This Friday, April 11, they are kicking off their West Coast tour with a show very close to home. The band, which formed at Seattle University in 2010, will be playing at Neumos to celebrate the release of Kithkin’s new music video for “Altered […]

Chamber Brings Beethoven To Backyard

This Thursday, March 13, Seattle University’s Chamber Music Program will celebrate the life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven through music. The group, which has been preparing since fall quarter, will perform an all-Beethoven concert. Dr. Quinton Morris, director of chamber and instrumental music, has helped the students prepare four diverse Beethoven compositions: String Trio […]

Fashionable Ways to Warm Your Legs

I have not worn pants in three and a half years. That’s right. I have worn nothing but skirts, dresses and the occasional leggings since I was a senior in high school. Year after year I have persevered through the relentless Seattle rain, and I once even survived an icy Chicago winter in only dresses. […]

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