Trans Awareness Week: The “T” in LGBTQ Too Often Ignored

Dozens of students, many wearing all black, interrupted the typically quiet energy of the Seattle University School of Law building on Monday. Melissa Lin • The Spectator Students participate in the #SayHerName Die-in as part of Transgender Awareness Week “We’re here to say what?” shouted Tyrone Brown, staff member in the Division of Student Development. […]

“An Innocent Man” Highlights Flaws in Justice System

To kill the mechanisms that nearly killed him—this is the life goal of Kirk Bloodsworth, a former marine who was wrongfully sentenced to die for the brutal rape and murder of a young girl in 1985. Bloodsworth was the first person exonerated from death row through DNA evidence, and he is coming to Seattle University […]

Students Spread Awareness To Combat Sexual Violence

Imagine a map of Seattle University and its surrounding neighborhoods. A red dot appears on the map. Another. And Another. Each dot represents an instance of sexual assault aimed at a member of our community. Results from the Campus Climate Assessment recently revealed that 3 percent of respondents—75 people—experienced unwanted sexual contact at Seattle U. […]

Meal in the Dark Illuminates Greater Understanding

As the lights came on, I looked down at my companion’s immaculate dish and compared it my own crumb covered one. I asked him if he literally licked his plate clean—to which he replied with a proud and matter-offact, “Yes… It’s not like anyone was watching.” It’s amazing the liberation one can experience when there […]

Keep Each Other in Check

“The disproportionate incarceration of black men has been normalized and that’s disgusting…that’s appalling,” said staff attorney Vanessa Hernandez of American Civil Liberties Union of Washington. Last Saturday, I attended the 2015 Seattle Race Conference in Piggott Auditorium, a full-day conference with workshops, keynote addresses, and presentations about implicit racial bias and how perceptions kill. One […]

Concerns About Campus Safety Raised After UCC Tragedy

The sky was painted gray and blanketed with clouds last Friday, Oct. 2, as almost forty students, faculty and staff gathered outside the Chapel of St. Ignatius for a moment of collective silence for Umpqua Community College. As senior Paul DeWater and Campus Minister for Ignatian Spirituality, Marilyn Nash each lit a candle and the […]

Letter From The Editor

Welcome back, Redhawks. It’s been a few. For those of you who don’t know, we are The Spectator—Seattle University’s student-run campus newspaper since 1933. As a journalist and Seattle U student, I cannot help but notice that readers are becoming more engaged, educated and aware about injustices felt on a cultural, social, political and institutional […]

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