Sports Coverage: an Uneven Playing Field

On the first day of a class I once took, we were instructed to introduce ourselves and we were interested in. After two of my male classmates expressed interest in sports journalism, my professor got excited, and asked them their favorite teams and what they thought of the Seahawks this year. When I told him […]

PBS Gets in the Head of SU Runner

Senior Sophie Curatilo took up running in elementary school for two reasons: First, in her home state of Hawaii the volleyball and soccer teams were too competitive for her to make the team. Second, a boy she liked told her that he only dated athletes, so Curatilo joined the track team. Then she beat him. […]

At Food Day, Students Hungry for Change

Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator Next time you go to throw away the leftover food on your plate at C Street, think again. You may not consider your lunch as a social justice issue, but the truth is that food waste and food access are both major problems in today’s society. This Wednesday, Seattle University […]

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