Church’s Inclusive Tone Shifts in Opposite Direction

The historic acceptance of gay and lesbian Catholics signaled in a preliminary document issued by the Church last week was reversed Saturday when the two-week assembly on family in contemporary society came to an end. “God is not afraid of new things. That is why he is continuously surprising us, opening our hearts and guiding […]

Tattoos, coffee for life: Starbucks makes bold moves

Feeling generous on the cusp of the holiday season, Starbucks announced on Thursday some bold changes for its employees and its customers. Tattoos at the workplace? Go for it, unless they are on your face or throat. Black denim, colored ties and neck scarves? Likewise. Coffee for life? Perhaps for a lucky a few. Allowing […]

Pot Shop Incites Controversy, Protests

Mount Calvary Christian Center has a new neighbor: Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop. The churchgoers aren’t happy about it. Rampant crime once haunted the area near 23rd and East Union St., where the church and Seattle’s new weed shop now reside. But in the last decade, this part of the Central District has seen a declining […]

Vatican Issues Signs of More Tolerance

A synod held by Pope Francis and bishops from around the world reflected the continued effort by the Catholic church to be more tolerant and inclusive of gay and divorced Catholics, the New York Times reported Monday. The meetings, which included an assembly of 200 bishops, intended to address family issues in contemporary society. According […]

Threat of Massacre by Islamic State Terrorists

The threat of massacre by the advancing Islamic State looms for civilians trapped in Kobani, the Syrian Kurdish town located near the Turkish border, a United Nations official said Friday. At a press conference in Geneva, the U.N. Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura warned reporters that Kobani civilians have only a limited possibility of escape. […]

The World’s New Evil: A Look at the Islamic State

Alyssa Brandt · The Spectator The barbarity of the Islamic State—the beheadings, the public crucifixions, the near genocide of a religious minority—is only part of the story. Across Iraq and Syria, these Sunni extremists have set fire to a region already in shambles. Destroyed by America’s legacy of war, the Iraqi state is struggling to […]

A Fleet of Shareable Bikes Comes to Seattle

On Oct. 13, Seattle will officially welcome its first bike share program. They have been popping up for awhile now: Solar-powered kiosks and grey bike racks dot the Hill. There are already four stations on Pine, east of I-5, and there are more to come in other locations around Capitol Hill. Soon, they will house […]

Student-led Protests Erupt in Hong Kong

Massive swaths of people swarmed the streets outside the Hong Kong government headquarters this weekend to demand election reform. A crackdown ensued: Police pepper sprayed the protesters and hurled tear gas canisters into the peaceful demonstration. “This is already much bigger than anything the Beijing or Hong Kong authorities expected,” Larry Diamond, a senior fellow […]

Gitmo’s Force-feeding Policy in Public Spotlight

Abu Wa’el Dhiab, a Syrian detainee at Guantánamo Bay prison, has periodically protested his detention through hunger strike. On Monday, a historic case began at a U.S. district court regarding the methods in which the U.S. military force-fed the 43-year-old Syrian, who was cleared for release in 2009. His lawyers argued on Monday that the […]

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