NFL Football Check-In

Keeping a hawk eye on the Seattle’s NFL team, the Seahawks were disappointing last Sunday as the team took a loss against the Colts. The 34-28 loss came after a very close game, arguable lost at the point when the Seahawks field goal had been blocked. Another sophomore quarterback match up for Seahawks’ quarterback Russell […]

Under The Microscope: GMO Bill Breakdown

What is a GMO? GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Meaning that bacteria, plants, fish, and mammals can be changed through a DNA injection to create a “new and improved” organism or product. When a food product is created with a genetically modified organism, it is considered a GMO food product. Examples of this include […]

SU Dumps Pepsi for Coke As Love Fizzes Out

Seattle University’s 20-year relationship with Pepsi has gone flat. Last January the school made the official decision to switch from Pepsi to Coca-Cola. An on-campus committee included representatives from athletics, student body, faculty members, staff members, and Bon Appetit staff. “It’s not an easy decision after you’ve been with a vendor for that long,” said […]

The show goes on for The Moore Theatre

The bandages are coming off and The Moore Theatre is showing off its new facelift. From the outside it may not look like much, but the extravagant interior has become a Seattle icon. For music and history enthusiasts alike, this is an exciting moment for Seattle. The Moore Theatre is 106 years old, built in […]

Solution For Serious Situation In Syria Stalled

Confusion clouds the situation in Syria as politicians advocate that several varying degrees of military action be taken, while figures like Pope Francis issue calls for peace. Sept. 7 was proclaimed by Pope Francis as a churchwide day of prayer and fasting for Syria, the first such declaration since 2003, when Pope John Paul II […]

Doctors, Student Find Future in 3-D Printing

Turns out a 3-D printer has the potential to feed you and save your life. New 3-D printers can make a solid object of basically any shape from a digital model. A 3-D printer prints a material through sequential layering to manufacture whatever it is the virtual blueprint instructs. This manufacturing technique is inventive because […]

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