Trans Day of Remembrance Emphasizes Life

Seattle University worked with Capitol Hill’s Queer Youth Space to commemorate the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR)—a day that focused on life. The event on Nov. 20 reflected on the victims and the systemic issues of trans violence and discrimination. Transgender Day of Remembrance comes annually on Nov. 20, memorializing those killed around the world […]

Few Stoked on the Seattle U Smoke Out

SGSU President Eric Chalmers and Chair of the Tobacco-Free Campus Exploration Committee (TFCEC) Austin Kawano explained that the 1-day trial for a tobacco-free campus was an exploration to see what Seattle U would look like without tobacco. But many people didn’t pay any attention to the trial. The Tobacco-Free 1-Day Trial was hosted in conjunction […]

Seattle Drags Its Feet in Walkability, Metro

Competition has broken out across the nation for city walkability, and this year it seems Seattle has been left in the dust. In addition, soon-to-be cuts to metro routes will possibly make transportation around Seattle more difficult for students and community members. Walk Score released their rankings of America’s most walkable cities and Seattle has […]

Lee Center Brings ‘Our Town’ Into Our Time

Thornton Wilder’s small-town play has hit the big city. Seattle University’s production of “Our Town,” which opened last Thursday at the Lee Center for the Arts, is just as quaint and simple on campus as in the script—and that’s a compliment. The three-act play shows everyday moments of different points in time of the small […]

Are The Spies Still Everywhere?

The Seattle Police Department recently agreed to take down the controversial WiFi detection equipment in downtown due to spying concerns. You may have seen this equipment if walking in the downtown area recently. On many street utility poles there are white boxes with antennas coming out of them. These are transmitters of WiFi networks called […]

Drills, Popcorn Reasons to Sound the Alarm

For those few students who have classes in the Xavier basement, Oct. 31 was a long afternoon. What turned out to be a fault in the alarm system caused an evacuation of students and professors while the issue was resolved. Recently alarms have been ringing on campus and many students wonder if there is a […]

Headed Toward Competition? A Ca-Believe It!

The a cappella craze has made a lot of noise on the Seattle University campus this year. The school’s oldest a cappella group suffered a blow after losing many members to graduation, transfers and commitment problems—the group fell from 17 to five. Olivia Ghersen, president of Unauthorized to Harmonize, went through a lot of trouble […]

Hockey Iced Out of Media

Who cares about hockey? But seriously, it seems like hockey is the least valued sports in U.S. media. There are many factors that could be contributed to the lack of coverage, and frankly I’m not sure which one explains it. Hockey is sometimes thought of as the sport of Canada. The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen […]

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