Nerdhawk’s Guide: The Stack

Welcome back Nerdhawks! Being a nerd myself, my desk is cluttered with many different things. A mouse that has over fifteen buttons resting on a World of Warcraft mousepad, noise canceling headphones with a microphone, and of course lots of comic books. Which brings me to today’s topic, we’re going to be talking about “The […]

NerdHawk’s Guide

Welcome to the first installment of the NerdHawk’s Guide! An in-depth discussion of video games and everything nerdy; from MMO’s to MOBAs, eSports and lore, comics and movies, everything is on the table. We have a big year ahead of us in the nerd world with the release of a new Starcraft 2 expansion in […]

Everything Food: Perfect Stranger IPA

Jarrod Gallagher Staff Writer I remember the first IPA I ever drank. I was 21-years-old, it was fall in New England and a Lucky Kat IPA from Magic Hat Brewery was exactly what the season called for. It tasted exactly like one imagines an IPA should–lots of hops. To be honest, I hated it. The […]

Frozen Yogurt’s Chilling Return to Capitol Hill

Located at the old Yogurtland location on Broadway on Capitol Hill, Refresh Frozen Desserts is more than just a new frozen yogurt establishment. Refresh creates a space that resembles the familiar motif of frozen yogurt but still has its own unique charm. This family owned and operated business nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill […]

New Printers Not Without Crtitics

The new printing system isn’t just black and white. While some applaud its efficiency and speed, others are concerned with representation and appearence of the Managed Print Services (MPS) system. Gone are the days of waiting in line behind a dozen people in the Pigott Atrium 15 minutes before class starts, and finally getting to […]

Students Say ‘Shell No!’ To Oil Drill

Hundreds of environmental activists gathered early Saturday morning in life vests and kayaks to protest Royal dutch Shell in Seattle’s Elliott Bay. The group of activists gathered to voice their disapproval of Shell’s plans to resume oil exploration in the Arctic and keep two of its drilling rigs stored in Seattle’s port. The activists demonstrated […]

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