Home for the ‘Psychedelic’ Holidays

This holiday season, take a break from the holiday grind characterized by family visits, gift-giving and bitter cold weather, and prepare to get weird on Capitol Hill. The Psychedelic Holiday Freak Out (PHFO), a two-day, 39-band music festival featuring top West Coast talent alongside rising local artists, will be coming to the Hill on Dec. […]

In Study Abroad, China Leads the Pack

A recent study published by The New York Times revealed that the number of students studying abroad is rising quickly across the planet. In some nations, however, those rates are rising much quicker than in others. The reasons behind the disparate rate increases remain somewhat murky. In China, 26 percent of students study abroad at […]

Art Walk Paints Image of a Collaborative Hill

On the second Thursday of every month, local artists and small business owners come together around the Pine/Pike corridor to showcase their talents in the Capitol Hill Blitz Art Walk. The event offers many local artists and performers a chance to display their talents to a larger audience, and has helped to give Capitol Hill […]

Speaker Addresses Acceptance in Athletics

“I’m an athlete ally because the Olympics are for everyone.” “I’m an athlete ally because sports know no orientation.” These are the captions that accompany five pictures of various professional and Olympic spokespeople for a young nonprofit foundation called Athlete Ally. Established by a 26-year-old University of Maryland graduate, and former Division I All-American wrestler […]

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