Balls Out: Homosexuality in Boxing

After fathering 11 children with three women and falling into some financial problems, boxing legend Evander Holyfield took some drastic measures to provide security for his extensive family. He put off retirement till the age of 48, sold a great deal of his memorabilia and finally stooped to joining both “Dancing with the Stars” and […]

But Is There Exclusion?

Seattle University’s Campus Ministry mission statement begins, “Rooted in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry serves a vibrantly diverse, yet inclusive community…” As the department seeks a new head, recent concerns have arisen about their call for a qualified, Catholic candidate. While I certainly respect the presence of students of multiple faiths, Seattle University was […]

Balls Out: A Look at Hazing

In light of the semi-recent hazing festivities at Garfield High School that were advocated for by members, both past and present, due to their ability to bring a community together—with mass underage drinking—I decided it would be beneficial to take a look at the innumerable senseless deaths that have taken place throughout time. So that […]

Balls Out: The Lengths Security Goes for a Race

Picture this scene occurring on a bridge of a metropolitan area: hovering helicopters patrolling the sky with deafening side effects, bomb-sniffing dogs erratically switching directions in search of hazardous materials, scuba divers lurking beneath in attempts of securing all angles of the hypothetical bridge and finally, a Coast Guard vessel armed with guns. In my […]

Seattle U Athletics Fall Season Check Up

Volleyball Despite being swept by both Bakersfield and Utah Valley last weekend on the road, Seattle U’s volleyball season has been far from unsuccessful. This weekend will conclude the season at home as they play Texas-Pan American on Thursday and New Mexico State on Saturday, which will also serve as senior night. The Redhawks enter […]

Balls Out: The Bachelor and Baseball

The World Series is in full swing again. The Bachelor meets baseball. Just an obnoxious sentence fragment to pique your interest before a quick recap of games one through four. This year’s championship is being fought after by the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. The Cardinals entered the series with the most […]

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