Snapchat Hackers Release Personal Photos

A highly publicized leak of thousands of private Snapchat photos has shocked the world into the realization that celebrities are not the only ones whose private photos are being targeted by hackers. Only a few of Snapchat users should be concerned with this leak, in which thousands of private images have been obtained by hackers […]

Out With The Old, In With The New On Cap Hill

Many of the major buildings you pass on Capitol Hill have one thing in common—big windows. Once known as “Auto Row”, these big windows were once used to let shoppers see the floor of auto-markets where shiny new vehicles would be sitting, waiting to take their part in the auto revolution. Now, the glass serves […]

Looking Back on Batman: A Critique

Batman had many chances when it comes to his life on screen. Whether it’s video games, T.V. or film, many of them have been flops. But for some reason, he keeps coming back and we always want more. There’s a particular balance that superhero movies have to maintain. It’s something that one can easily notice […]

Freedom Film Series: Black Power Mixtape

Sometimes, history is a little bit difficult to fathom. Yet, regardless of how uncomfortable we may feel, it is important to learn about all cultures instead of simply focusing on one. In the recently introduced Freedom Film Series, put on by the Global African Studies program, the film “Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975” documents the civil […]

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