Hardball Factor 360°: Bye Bye Boeing

Late Wednesday night, the last of the votes was counted. Boeing’s union members rejected an extension of their contracts to build the company’s newest 777x line of aircraft–claiming that changes the company requested be made in their retirement benefits were too harsh. Boeing Commercial’s CEO has for weeks threatened that if the union members did […]

Critic’s Corner: ‘About Time’

There is something magical about a great film, one that pulls you to the edge of your seat, with a story and characters so magnificently crafted that they worm their way into your imagination even after the screening. “About Time” is not one of those movies. Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures I’m not sure who […]

Athletic or Academic?

A disclaimer before I dive in: I think sports are fantastic. Human physicality is important, and competition is a natural drive that I’d rather see expressed on the athletic field than the field of war. That said, Seattle University is throwing their money away trying to bolster a failing athletic program. The university has a […]

Hardball Factor 360°: ANARCHY!

ANARCHY! Take to the streets! Smash windows! Raid pharmacies! No? We still have a government? Well, maybe we aren’t in anarchy just yet, but we have shut down. Unfortunately, it appears as though once again a radical few has been allowed to hijack our government and disrupt our economy to further their own agenda. The […]

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