Students Call For Warning Labels on Classics

Warning: the following article contains references to rape, violence, and suicide. What you just read was a trigger warning, and it probably isn’t your first exposure to one. Trigger warnings—labels designed to warn would-be consumers of information as to potentially disturbing or graphic content that they will be exposed to—are common fare on television and […]

Pollen Vortex Something To Sneeze At

We all know the meme, Sean Bean’s stark countenance reminding us that “winter is coming.” When the devastating “Polar Vortex” winter storm event was ripping across the country earlier this year the character actor’s warning was embedded in the content of several third and fourth-tier news outfits. Fortunately, Seattle was largely spared the havoc in […]

Security Breach Exposes Student, Alum SSN

From a lengthy and apologetic email sent in the middle of last week by Seattle University President Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J., we learned that an error in the university’s tech infrastructure left the data of 628 students exposed—including Social Security numbers and medical information. According to the Chief Technology Officer Chuck Porter, the mistake exposed […]

Prop. 1 Would Raise Taxes But Save Buses

Unless you’ve been living under a bus, it is likely that you—as a Seattle University student—have been made aware of the ongoing struggle to prevent King County Metro from cutting transportation service in the area. The bus system is drastically underfunded, and Metro has been warning area residents and community leaders for weeks now that […]

Investment a Necessary Evil

Sometimes, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. As student fervor for divestment grows more feverish, we are faced with an important balancing decisions—but we are fighting for the wrong side. I commend the university’s administration for saying “no” to those who would have the school divest—largely because I believe their […]

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